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One of the reasons why we love Thriftcore so much is because they’re always highlighting the awesome blogs we should be reading. Recently they focused on men doing their thrift thing. Since we like their selections so much, we’re spreading the gospel


Thriftcore is a blog about thrifting, creating and saving money.

ManMade DIY

First up is ManMade DIY which highlights “creativity and the handmade for the postmodern male.” With How-tos, inspiration and picks from the world wide web, it’s a fun read.

Manly Vintage Chicago

Manly Vintage Chicago likes to “promote the idea that style is not emasculating, that men can and do enjoy good taste, and good design is appropriate for men, everywhere.” We agree! Our favorite series is Love is not Emasculating. Check it.

Dryer lint catches a flint spark better than almost anything – Man Knowledge from The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness

The Art of Manliness offers an old-timey frame of reference to the current modes of men. The Library of Random Man Knowledge is an awesome generator of random facts and quotes that any man should know, like, that you should always use a front kick and not a jump kick when breaking down a door. Okay!

More sites geared towards the male persuasion

A Continuous Lean – Gorgeous photography and a curated selection of stores, fashion and products from blogger Michael Williams.

1001 Rules for My Unborn – A simple list of mostly funny and mostly true rules to live by, scattered with the occasional video and pic.

Buckets and Spades – You’ll find here an appreciation for fashion, homeware, art and the occasional vintage piece, from a boy who lives by the seaside.

Man up, and enjoy the read!

  • Healthy Weight reduction For A Fifteen Year Old?Get ready for a life story guys…So, I’ve always been over-weight. Consistently. I’m going to be fifteen in june, and I’m already a large or an XL is stores like abercrombie, Aritzia, aeropostale, all those retailers. My thighs are big and jiggly, my stomach, let’s just say it might be lots better, and my arms are flabby. I’ve attempted to eat healthier and that lasts for about three days. I don’t eat a whole lot of junk food, but you realize, I could cut back. Whenever I attempt to talk to my mom about she just says, “You’re best just the way you are. You happen to be stunning honey, you do not need to lose weight.” But I’m not comfy going to retailers and going to the checkout with significant sizes. I’m just not comfortable with myself. We do not have any cash for a gym membership, or a residence health club, so all the activity I would do, would need to be devoid of any equipment. I also wish to do it behind my mom’s back, I don’t desire to, but that’s just the way it’s. So here’s the shocker… I’m 145 pounds and I’m fourteen, I’m not obese (says my wii fit), but I’m not common, I’m overweight. And I hate it, I. HATE. IT. I don’t prefer to be the girl in high school who’s fat. You realize? There is often that girl. So, are there anyways I could eat healthier, with out asking my mom to buy all special dieting foods? Like, limiting portions and stuff? And some excersises I could do that would make me drop the weight on my legs, arms and stomach fast. Well, not like one month fast, due to the fact that’s not wholesome, but I’d like to be about 110, so i’d have to drop 35 POUNDS! Which is crazy difficult, considering that my metabolism is slow. I’m sorry for rambling on about my life story, but I have to have help with eating habits and fitness workouts, with out my mom understanding. THANKS A MILLION! :) appreciate you guys on here!

  • thanks for the mention!