Love What You Do – An Activity Book For Kids

Love What You Do

Love What You Do. The coloring and activity book for young kids from MailChimp. Because they love what they do.

Last time we checked, MailChimp was a company that helps you market whatever it is you’re doing/selling/making online by aiding in the design and distribution of email newsletters. So what’s all this about a coloring book for kids?

Our interest was peaked when we first heard about it from our friend Swiss Miss’s blog – so much so that we actually clicked on her links to learn more.

Long story short, fairly recently, one of the MailChimp founders (Ben Chestnut) discovered that, unbeknownst to him, someone had come up with a tag line (“Love what you do”) and placed it into their footer. Secretly excited (it actually was on the money) but pretending to be angry, he marched over to his design and marketing teams and demanded that they make him a coloring book in exchange for this transgression.

They looked at him like he was crazy, and then got busy. The result is a playful, optimistic coloring/activity book called, of course, Love What You Do. It tells the story of Freddie, Mailchimp’s mascot chimpanzee, and all of the things he loves to do, from cooking with his family to making his friends laugh.

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Here's just a small taste of what's in store for you (and your young friend) when you download this coloring book.

Well, once we read all that, we downloaded the free PDF of the book and put it to the test. No surprise, it passed our one-toddler review committee’s vigorous screening with flying colors. When we heard “I like wearing my hat too!” and “He’s so silly, he likes bananas for breakfast!” we knew that this book was in like Flynn.

And at the end of the day, if we can teach our kids to love what they do, whether it is profound or mundane, by creating their own positivity, just imagine the potential of our world’s future.

  • it’s great I love it thank you for sharing it

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    Good luck for you dude with your idea. I love to enjoy reading your post. Thanks anyway.

  •  We must let the kids to do the activities they want with the proper guide of parent and teacher when they’re in school. Doing some art activity will help them.