Love it or Leave it — Mixing Vintage Tech into Home Decor


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Here at Krrb we’re constantly immersed in the latest design trends and we’re not mad about that! Often times there are some trends we come across that we can’t seem to agree upon. Today Lauren and Vee check out what creative people are doing vintage technology and decides if they love it, or want to leave it.

While we’ve definitely seen vintage technology used as a stylish design accent, we’ve also seen instances where it can seem like clutter, or an unnecessary afterthought. So what’s our final conclusion about the trend? Let’s see what people on Instagram are doing:

At the risk of sounding like Greg Kinnear’s character in You’ve Got Mail, there is nothing like the clickity-clackity sound of a typewriter. On my own dresser, I have my grandmother’s vintage Smith-Corona in a robin egg blue, nestled next to pictures frames and a few books. Needless to say, I love how the vintage typewriter is incorporated in this shelfie. While I can’t imagine spray painting the antique gold, it draws the eye in and adds a bit of fun to an otherwise muted bookcase. – Vee

This is a great collection of old items, but the way they’re displayed makes them look like clutter. The cameras read as one giant mass, so you aren’t able to appreciate them individually. There’s also a lot to be said about the purpose of the collection: I’m all for big displays, but vintage cameras paired with kitchen items doesn’t mesh well in this case. So while it’s a solid collection, the arrangement and storage aren’t doing anything to celebrate that. – Lauren

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Back in the olden times, when technology was huge, they wrapped it up in wood. You can usually find old wooden stereo speakers and built-in record players for dirt cheap at thrift stores, because they no longer work. The repurposing of an old record player here is clever. It’s more visually enticing that those sleek, personality-less entertainment units you can find everywhere. This bachelor pad really stand outs. – Vee

The gold finish on this antique phone gives it a modern touch, as well as working to tie it in with the vase. I also like how the mini portrait of The Mona Lisa was added, since it demonstrates that the antique isn’t meant to be stuffy or take itself too seriously. That’s a big part about making vintage tech work: it can’t feel out of place with the design. The rest of the room is muted in color and the objects are similar in shape, so it works. – Lauren

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This little vignette is cute. When you collect items like cameras, it can start to feel like a museum or a hoarder, but not here. With the retro square photos strung up above their camera display, it clearly spells out a passion for photography. Well done! – Vee

Now I’m a die-hard minimalist through and through, so my initial reaction was to shy away from this room. But that vintage radio is right at home! Everything about this bedroom design works to complement it, making it a purposeful way to contribute to the overall theme. Bonus points if it actually works. So while I’m not sold on the bird wallpaper, the radio was a smart addition to a fun room. – Lauren

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I’ve seen old television sets turned into bars before but I’ve yet to see it done well. While I do applaud their the repurposing skills here, it needs a little something more to make it pop. Maybe if the inside was painted in a fun color or if the outside was lacquered, but this just feels tired. – Vee

The desk itself seems a little busy, but I really like the creativity behind this vintage camera display. This method of hanging them lets you get an almost complete view of each individual camera, and the similarities and differences between each model add visual interest. Plus this is also a smart solution for areas that might not be conducive to add shelving, especially if you’re a renter. An overall yes from me. – Lauren

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I’m not one to give up my HD television or surround sound. But hey, if Chris Cordeux is content using this outdated technology, kudos to him. Paired with the modern gallery wall above, this living room feels balanced, albeit a bit blocky. – Vee

Final ruling: ? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!


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