Love it or Leave it — Exposed Storage in Your Home


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Here at Krrb we’re constantly immersed in the latest design trends and we’re not mad about that! Often times there are some trends we come across that we can’t seem to agree upon. Today Chrissy and Mateo check out what creative people are doing in terms of exposed storage and decide if they love it, or want to leave it.

At some point closets and dressers start overflowing and you are left with items strewn across the bedroom. I repurposed a ladder bookshelf as storage for my bulky sweaters and at first it looked nice, but soon turned into a disaster. The folded sweaters began to look as if they had a life of their own, spilling off of my shelves and taking over the room. Today we look at a few different ways that people are utilizing exposed storage and decide if we’re fans or not.

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If your counter space is limited, open shelving can offer up tons of potential storage at a low cost. However, just like cabinetry, it is really important to make sure what you put on the wall seems balanced with the rest of the room. This shelf is perfectly styled but should be a tad larger in scale so that it doesn’t contrast with the marble countertop. And keeping the same amount of cups and bottles but on a larger shelf will ensure that the airy, minimalist look is maintained. – Mateo

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Innovative storage options for studio apartments and tiny homes is one of my favorite things to browse on Pinterest. I have a weakness for DIY platform beds in studios that have steps and under bed storage, but this option seems a bit too bulky. When you’re in a small space any additional storage is essential, but not if it makes your home look even smaller. I love the idea behind this and the way that it’s physically been built out, but would I sacrifice floor space for it? I’m thinking no. – Chrissy

This room could be the resting place of a world traveler with books stacked by the bed and tapestries with colorful pattens hung on the wall. But in the day to day, stacked books are more of an hindrance than a unique exposed storage solution. Simple tasks like making your bed or vacuuming the floor would entail having to pick up and move the books. Plus having books stacked on the floor may eventually limit your actual living space. I suggest storing the book on higher ground and out of the way. – Mateo

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I am a sucker for sleek Scandinavian-style design so this shelving system really works for me. I love when items are neatly organized and the books here are certainly well positioned. The off-balanced aspect of having heavy books and art on the left side and small items on the right gives the vignette a completed feel. Oddly enough I think my favorite part is that even though the display has been so carefully curated, the electrical cords are still visible and makes the area seem lived in rather than just for show. Also, the stool situated below reinforces the fact that this storage on display is something that’s meant to be looked at and not hidden away! – Chrissy

I sew from time to time and I know firsthand that an organized work station means a quicker turnaround on projects. And while this shelving unit is organized, there could be some improvements. A vertical pegboard mounted on the wall can hold all of those spools making it easy to grab exactly the one you need. And for the yarn, small individual cubbies either built into a piece of furniture or mounted directly on the wall would keep your material tangle-free. Bonus points if you also organize by color! – Mateo

Exposed storage doesn’t always have to be in terms of clothing and accessories. Why keep your cabinet doors closed if you have beautiful things to display?! The collection of vintage items, plants, books and liquor blend together perfectly in this example. The contrast of the dark paint with the accent pieces showcased here really make each individual item pop. It’s important to have fun and play around with the arrangement of your pieces!- Chrissy

What I love about this open wardrobe is the balance of color and size. This small A-frame garment rack fits the clothing needs for a young child, while adding some interest and dimension to the room. As the child grows older, they may need to swap out the garment rack for something larger or use it more like a valet. Either way, this exposed storage solution works for the space. – Mateo

This is a perfect example where my personal preference comes into play. I am all for feminine accents and details in my bedroom, but I prefer to limit those elements to one or two touches. The combination of the vintage dresses, suitcases and floral accents is too much for my personal taste. This look would rank way higher in my book if the vintage dresses were displayed on their own. I think it’s important to remember that less is more. – Chrissy

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This exposed storage is clean, simple and minimal! Open shelving in a neutral wood tone, like these shelves, can help visually unclutter what can seem like a disorganized space. Especially in the kitchen, where you can have several types of dishes and jars. Keeping those items in clear glass or white porcelain materials can instantly make everything appear organized and in it’s place. The only thing I would add is some overhead lighting (preferably natural) to help brighten up the space. – Mateo

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I love the idea of displaying a curated wardrobe, especially if it’s done in a simplistic manner like how it’s done in this bedroom. White walls and wood floors are the perfect backdrop for an industrial clothing rack. While I normally would be inclined to say that I would prefer more clothes hanging, I quite like the scarcity of what’s displayed on hangers. What I like even more than that is what’s hanging on this rack; casual t-shirts rather than more formal wear. Added bonus for the rogue pair of shoes at the foot of the bed. – Chrissy


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