Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor


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Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

The bustle and hustle of the Union Square Green Market. Photo: Unionsq.market

Big cities mean tons of options, which unfortunately can be overwhelming when you’re hard pressed to find the best. To share what gives New York City its distinct flavor, we’ve assembled an A-team of insiders: some of our favorite Krrb members and resident influencers with knowledge on where to go and what to pick up. Get ready to meet the team!

Yasmin Elzomor

Born and raised in New York City, Yasmin Elzomor has the intrinsic passion it takes to keep up with pace of the city. As a lifestyle blogger, she shares her latest obsessions, personal style and adventures in and out of the city. Keep up on Yasmin’s blog Yasel and on Instagram as she runs around the city. (YE)

Courtney Seamon and Kelly McFarland

Cousins Courtney Seamon and Kelly McFarland are discovering their way through New York City together. Follow along on their blog, Mimosas and Manhattan (it just turned 4 years old!) as they travel, cultivate sartorial choices and make do with the notoriously tiny city apartments. (CS+KF)

Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

Washington Square Park. Photo: Saachiminocha.wordpress.com

If you had to explain the vibe of NYC in one sentence to an outsider, what would it be?
YE: Absolutely insane. Gotta love the hustle and bustle of NYC.
CS+KF: You will have your highest of highs and lowest of lows here.

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We know certain foods are synonymous with different cities. What foods or recipes would you say best represent NYC?
YE: I’d have to go with pizza and bagels. You don’t know what real pizza or real bagels are until you have them in New York City! My favorite pizza place in the city is Patsy’s Pizzeria. The pizza is amazing and they actually have a few locations which is super convenient. One of my favorite bagel spots on 1st ave is called David’s Bagels and those are some of the best bagels you’ll ever have!
CS+KF: Obviously we believe the apple represents the city!

Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

Fresh pickings from David’s Bagels. Photo: Flickr.com/photos/kamekame

And what about local restaurants?
YE: There are all types of restaurants to choose from, it’s a wide variety and it’s great that you can find five different types of food on just one block.
CS+KF: Some of our favorite local Williamsburg, Brooklyn restaurants are Cantina Royal, The Blind Barber, Aurora and of course Shake Shack!

Just like how jazz is such a central part of life in New Orleans, which music style would you say best represents your city?
YE: This is a tough one! The city is so diverse that music tastes are endless and it’s nice to hear all the different sounds and rhythms the city has to offer.
CS+KF: For some reason with this question, my heart immediately goes to Hip Hop. I think about Jay-Z and his allegiance to Brooklyn.

Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

Subway buskers. Photo: Thedustyrebel.com

Are you fans of any local bands or musicians?
YE: There’s this one duo that I like named Jack and Eliza and they give off a very 1960’s vibe. Their music is similar to the Beach Boys and I’m a big fan of them.
CS+KF: So many amazing musicians are born and raised here. The city gives off so much inspiration on every street corner! It is hard not to get songs stuck in your head everyday!

If you had to describe one design style or local designer as best representing NYC, what or who would it be?
YE: I would say New York City is very eccentric and wild when it comes to fashion. Everyone has a different style and I think that’s what makes this beautiful city so interesting, the fact that everyone is unique and no ones afraid to set a new trend.
CS+KF: A design style that we would describe as best representing NYC would have to be upscale meets Downtown. If you just moved to the city, you are basically balling on a budget. There is no way you will be able to wear or own designer labels or trends. However the amount of vintage stores and shopping that is available to you is in an abundance. We are constantly finding ways to implement trends at a low cost. Proving that it is in how you style your piece, not the name of it.

Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

Street fashion on Bedford in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Photo: Julep.triplemint.com

Which stores or shopping destinations would you say summarize the fashion/style of NYC locals?
YE: SoHo, SoHo, SoHo. That is literally my go-to place to shop. There are so many stores and designers to choose from, you can be shopping for hours! I also love 5th Avenue, you can find Prada, Gucci, Barneys, and so many more designer stores there as well. Boutique shopping is always a good idea if you’re trying to find rare items or clothes that other stores may not have. One of my go-to boutiques is Assembly and it’s located on Ludlow street. It has a very classy vintage vibe (two of my favorite things!) and it has some great pieces of clothing that won’t be easy to find anywhere else. I also love NYC designers, one of my favorites that I wear often is Ralph Lauren.
CS+KF: Not only because we live here but also because we love it—we have to go with Williamsburg, Brooklyn! Williamsburg is for locals that want to take risks with their apparel. The boutiques have pieces you will find nowhere else and will make you stand out from the crowd!

Locals Share What Gives New York City Its Distinct Flavor

Hanging out on the rooftop at The Standard Hotel. Photo: Gothamgirlchronicles.com

And lastly, where do locals gather to hangout and enjoy the best of NYC?
YE: NYC is popular for its artsy museums, parks and rooftop lounges with gorgeous views. Central Park is a popular option for those who like to be outdoors and it’s personally one of my favorite hang out spots. There’s so much to do that sometimes it can be overwhelming, you can never say that you’re bored in a city this great! I love spending the day in Soho, looking for cute shops and restaurants and finding new things to do around there. As a blogger, I find it important to dedicate my Saturdays to clothing and restaurant hunting for my next blogpost’s inspiration. There are too many things to do in NYC and it can be overwhelming to choose a restaurant to eat at or an activity to do because of the endless options it has to offer.
CS+KF: We mostly stay in either Brooklyn or Lower East Side. Some of our favorite spots would be picnicking in McCarren Park or chilling on the patio of Freehold Brooklyn. We also love to get our groove on at SIXTY LES or Mr. Purple located in the Lower East Side.

This is just the start when it comes to all New York City has to offer. See the best local makers in the big city, our favorite AirBnb options across the boroughs and where to go locally to get your DIY on. And it doesn’t get more local than shopping from neighbors in New York City!


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