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Much like the elevated interest in secondhand the last decade has seen a steady return to local commerce. From vegetables to venetian blinds more and more people are going local. While the reasons are many and varied it often comes down to the simple fact that supporting businesses run by real people who love what they do and want to share their passion with others is fun.

Everyone loves a terrier! krrb.com/lfop

For instance, Steve Blanco and Heidi Karlsen who run Black & Blanco, a vegan cookie company in Brooklyn, started with a cookie recipe from Steve’s mom and the idea that they could make a healthier version of the cookie. The Little Friends of Printmaking, based in Milwaukee, are a husband and wife team of designers who decided to start their own company. In San Francisco Darkness & Dawn, an amazing fashion line, was born from the mind of Kathy Kayhour, an ardent lover of fashion who had little but her devotion to fashion and some sketches.

Delicious cookies from Black & Blanco

I have been so lucky to be exposed to so many amazing independent businesses around the globe! There’s just something special knowing who you’re buying from, which is another reason Krrb is so fantastic! I have been in contact with quite a few different businesses and there’s one thing I can say about everyone who runs them. They are all incredibly amiable, friendly people and you can see all the hard work they put in what they do in their work. It has been a pleasure to work with so many seriously devote, savvy people this year and I wish them all the best of luck in the new year!


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