Local Finds — New York Old Iron Salvage Yard in Brooklyn, New York


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All prices are up for negotiation at the New York Old Iron salvage yard located under the F/G train by the recently reopened Smith-9th stop in Brooklyn. Adjacent to Lowe’s, this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shop is filled with scrap metal, iron pieces, and architectural gems. There are a quite a few mannequins and sometimes old carnival games.


While wandering through a metal forest of iron fencing, piles of windows and stacks of doors, I spoke with Carlos, who works at the yard. “If you don’t like the price, we can fight it out,” he joked when I asked him if anything had a price tag. “It’s like a free market but the stuff is a little more expensive than free.”


Carlos said pieces for sale come from all five boroughs and include architectural artifacts from old brownstones and construction sites. If you need a piece of iron railing or fencing, this is the place. If you can’t find something, it’s worth asking — the workers know where to find everything.


Among the odds and ends are also records, household items, and furniture. This little spot of scavenging goodness will soon see sunshine again this season as more scaffolding is removed from the subway renovation that kept the salvage yard under cover and under the radar for so long.


Visit the Shop

New York Old Iron
Tuesday — Friday 8am to 3:30pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm
Adjacent to Lowe’s parking lot in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

  • CJ Lotz

    No problem! If you document the restoration, we would love to see photos!

  • Anonymous

    Great, thanks , I am buying a 2 fam in Bushwick and will be looking for some place like that to help restore it.

  • CJ Lotz

    Although there aren’t price tags, when I’ve purchased anything, it was priced to move. And they’ll often let you name a price.

  • Anonymous

    How are his prices? Sometimes I find the messier the place the more expensive it is.

  • APK

    must check this out next time im in BK!

  • CJ Lotz

    Would love to see some of that artwork! Also hoping to treasure hunt there again soon.

  • Andrew A. Wagner

    Very Urban Ore – one of the best places in the whole world! Also reminds me of West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines, Iowa – a true scavenger’s dream!

  • Louay Khraish

    I’ve visited this place with my friend who’s an artist. It was definitely like a treasure hunt. He plans to incorporate some of his finds in his artwork.

  • This reminds me so much of Urban Ore in Berkeley. Piles of window frames, bathtubs, and old chairs. It does truly feel like treasure hunting to brush the dust off of something and hold it up to the light, only to discover it’s a Danish modern mirror in perfect condition! So glad places like this still exist – thanks for sharing. Going on my list of things to do next time I’m in Brooklyn!