Local Finds — Bright Lyons of Boerum Hill, Brooklyn


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When you walk into Bright Lyons on Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue, you are immediately inundated with color. Beautiful and bold Mid-Century Modern furniture that mixes surprisingly seamlessly with contemporary paintings, sculptures and fabrics.

From the paintings in the front windows to the design books on the bookshelves, everything in the store is a unique, one-of-a-kind gem. Owner Paul Bright only showcases American Mid-Century pieces from Knoll and George Nelson, so you can be sure that you’re getting only the most high-quality, designer picks. This place sure is bright!


While the store in Boerum Hill only opened in 2010, owner Paul Bright’s passion for home decor began in the 1990s, and has only grown since then. As a musician, Bright had traveled around the country and began picking up designer furniture along the way.


As his collection grew and his taste became more refined, he found the potential for a career in refurbishing and selling furniture and art from his favorite designers. Now the store is a representation of Paul’s personality with all of his favorite things in one place.


The owner attributes his success to his understanding of the ‘market’ for vintage furniture. In a city where vintage stores are a dime a dozen, Bright Lyons stands out because it understands exactly what a customer is looking for. Paul Bright gets many of his pieces from auctions, where he can determine the ‘true market value’ of an item: what people are actually willing to pay.


He says that curated online classifieds sites often falsely drive up the price of a piece because of the prestige and reputation of the site, and now a good portion of vintage furniture is sold for much more than its worth. Bright is trying to combat these rising prices and deflate an inflated market by selling his furniture at true market prices.


This refreshing perspective on selling vintage furniture leads to a more comfortable and transparent buying experience. Paul Bright tries to sell items for what they are worth, rather than trying to see how much money he can make.


Bright Lyons’ understanding of who wants vintage designer furniture and why has allowed him to make strategic choices in his business. His location, for example, is at the crux of several neighborhoods in what is called ‘Brownstone Brooklyn’: expensive homes for well-off adults and new families looking to decorate with investment pieces.


Bright Lyons’ clientele consists of half interior designers who are in search of furniture for their own clients, and half Brooklynites who venture into the store off the streets, drawn in by the colorful artwork and beautiful furniture. Much of the artwork belongs to Bright’s artist friends, and he even sometimes trades his furniture for art. He even owns a gallery down the street from Bright Lyons.


If you’re looking for a practical, high-quality, and fairly-priced piece of furniture with important design history, make sure to check out Bright Lyons. Tell them Krrbie sent you! ;)


Bright Lyons
383 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Open 12-6 every day


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