Liquid Cardboard — An Eco-friendly Addiction


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When we got a delivery of Liquid Cardboard designs to the Krrb office, we couldn’t keep our hands off of them. It’s hard to describe these products but what really makes Liquid Cardboard special is it’s eco-friendly nature. These are made sustainably with both vegetable-based and cruelty-free dyes and adhesives.


There is a lot of energy in these honeycombed, flexible cardboard products. Each item can be transformed into numerous shapes from vases, bowls, platters, stress toys, or fun decorations. Liquid Cardboard takes the shape of what you wrap it around, changing appearance each time with minor movements. It’s fun and even relaxing to methodically see what configurations you can make with these products.

What really stuck out for us is how strong and durable the honeycomb cell shape of the cardboard makes the entire structure. Even recycled cardboard tends to lose it’s strength the more it’s used, but not in this case. Made with old corrugated containers, kraft paper, old newspapers and even straw, Liquid Cardboard uses green practices from top to bottom.

With Mother’s Day coming up, make your yearly gift of flowers a little more special. Wrap these sheaths around any waterproof container like a mason jar, a bottle or even a recycled aluminum can to make a vase. The Liquid Cardboard clings to the shape of the container, giving it a unique look. It will be a gift that keeps on giving.

You can get your own Liquid Cardboard designs on their website. They come in all shapes and sizes.


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