Lights, Camera, Auction – A Real-Deal Live Auction, November 3


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Lights, Camera, Auction
A real-deal live auction benefiting Film Biz Recycling
Constructed by Krrb
Wrangled by Jessi Arrington

Bid on rescued props, wardrobe, and furnishings hot off the sets of NYC productions and destined for the landfill. All auction lots have been rescued by Film Biz Recycling, and now – superstars including Swiss Miss; Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy; Oliver Jeffers; and Andrew Wagner of Krrb have joined in the mission by curating their own collections.

November 3, 2011
7 – 8PM Free Beer, Dollar Tacos, Live Music, Auction Preview
8 – 9PM Live Auction, Bidding Begins

$10 admission, RSVP only.
Located at the Film Biz Prop Shop at
540 President St, Brooklyn NY 11215 [map]

Professional auctioneer, Al Baker of County Style Auctions will be leading the festivities. Get your paddles ready because he’s a fast talker.

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In celebration of all things recycled, upcycled, secondhand, and discovered, join Krrb, Jessi Arrington and Film Biz Recycling for a real-deal live auction over beers and tacos. Bid on $10 props and $30 decor to $100 thingamagigs and $300 furnishings, all worth well over their initial bid. All items have been rescued from potentially ending up in the landfill by the folks behind Film Biz Recycling, a not-for-profit organization that creates socially responsible and sustainable solutions from media industry waste.

60% of the rescued props and materials are redistributed to local charities and organizations and the remainder is sold or rented at the Film Biz Recycling Prop Shop in order to sustain their efforts.

A natural partnership with Krrb, a fun and safe place to connect with neighbors to buy, sell, trade and give secondhand, handmade and locally-made.

All event elements come from in-house, upcycled resources and all proceeds benefit Film Biz Recycling and the amazing local organizations and charities they assist.

Dollar Tacos by Oaxaca.
Beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery.

Meet The Curators

Visit these superstar’s corners to see what salvaged treasures they discovered at Film Biz Recycling – all for the sake of keeping it out of the landfill.

General auction –
Swiss Miss –
Jessi Arrington –
Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan –
Oliver Jeffers –
Andrew Wagner –

And keep coming back because we’ll keep adding to it!

Swiss Miss

From 11,000 square feet of rescued props, Tina AKA Swiss Miss curates the finest in minimal arrangements.

From 11,000 square feet of rescued props, Tina AKA Swiss Miss curates the finest in minimal arrangements.

Tina Roth Eisenberg, hailing from Switzerland and more affectionately referred to as Swiss Miss by her followers and readers of her blog, Swiss Miss, is a brilliant designer who has worked with notable powerhouses such as Food Network and MoMA, but has since focused on her own ventures in design. Looking for a “designy” temporary tattoo? Check out Tattly, a website that sells “designy” temporary tattoos, and TeuxDeux, a growing organizational website turned iPhone app that allows you to create to-do lists that are aesthetically pleasing and convenient.

The curated collection by Swiss Miss –

Jessi Arrington

Jessi's all colorful, completely upcycled collection. Told you she likes color...

Jessi's all colorful, completely upcycled collection. Told you she likes color...

Jessi Arrington LOVES color, I mean, really. She LOVES color. She’ll prove it to you on her blog, Luckysoandso. She also runs a design company founded by her friend, Josh Stewart, her husband, Creighton Mershon and herself called WORKSHOP, where they take pride in having strong ideals such as “being fair,” “conserving,” and “doing good design for good people.” Jessi will be our lovely host for the evening.

The curated collection by Jessi Arrington –

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Maxwell's curated selection includes new and upcycled objects.

Maxwell's curated selection includes new and upcycled objects.

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, founder and CEO of everyone’s favorite home design website, Apartment Therapy has inspired millions of homeowners and renters alike to make an effort in taking their spaces and turn them into something more than just a place to lay their head. Apartment Therapy is a publication that empowers and helps culminate a relationship with you and your dwelling and Maxwell’s expertise on utilizing space is astounding. He’s been on many shows such as HGTV’s Mission Organization and the Home & Garden show Small Space, Big Style, and interviewed by The New York Times, The New York Observer, and the Wall Street Journal, to name a few.

The curated collection by Maxwell –

Oliver Jeffers

Art up your life with a collection from an artist and illustrator.

Art up your life with a collection from an artist and illustrator.

Oliver Jeffers is known for his children’s books, such as How To Catch A Star and Lost And Found, that have been acclaimed all over the world, but his talent goes far beyond beautiful picture books. An artist from Ireland who’s talent has been recognized at an early age is no stranger to collaborations or collectives, he is apart of a number of projects that involve other artists including OAR, of which he is the co-founder, an art collective that consists of Rory Jeffers, Mac Premo, and Duke Riley, known for their exhibitions 9 Days In Belfast, Book, and BUILDING. Oliver is also a co-founder of You Me The Royal We, a product line created along side Mac Premo and Aaron Ruff, that encompasses a fun sense of humor, and carries diverse, multipurpose, well-made commodities, like a bark buckle with a wood-grain belt option, hand-pressed “all occasion” cards, and an exclusive, hand-drawn print of a map of the world in white ink on black paper.

The curated collection by Oliver –

Andrew Wagner

Outdoor space, now available indoors.

Outdoor space, now available indoors.

Andrew Wagner, Krrb’s main man, is a master in upcycling, thrifting, crafting and DIY, as such is the former Editor in Chief and Chief Brand Officer of ReadyMade. And before that, Editor in Chief of American Craft, Founding Managing Editor of Dwell, LIMN and Dodge City Journal. He has published many works including Unhappy No More (introduction to Unhappy Hipsters), History in the Making, Craft, It’s What You Make of It, and more. And best of all, he is a member of the New York-based semi-professional baseball team, the Downtown Bulls.

The curated collection by Andrew –

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  • Andrew Flintoff

    some of those products are really cool and antique as i concern.hope they would sold in a good price.thanks for sharing.learning games children.

  • I used to work in film and I was amazed by the amount of waste that came out the other end of a production – props, set materials, costumes – all just stored away for ever or destroyed. Well done for recycling!