Let’s Collaborate in NYC with Air BnB, Krrb, New Work City and Projective Space!


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Join us on January 23rd for a night of collaboration and community building…

Have you ever had a slice of pizza? Stupid question, but if you answered yes, you have participated in the “sharing economy” and “collaborative consumption.” How many of you have taken public transportation, flown in an airplane or driven on a highway? Same deal.

Despite the wide-spread participation world-wide in the sharing economy the concept remains foreign to most Americans. However, the explosion of strong online communities over the last decade has greatly opened up opportunities for the sharing economy on many levels — from home-shares to work-shares to car-shares. But if strong communities are key to thriving sharing economies how do you build those communities?

This is just the type of question that will be explored next Wednesday, January 23rd at 7:00 when “Let’s Collaborate NYC” — dedicated to connecting the collaborative consumption community in NYC — and Trust Cloud bring together “Sheila Karaszewski from Airbnb, James Wahba of Projective Space, Andrew Wagner of Krrb, and Tony Bacigalupo from New Work City will be sharing their insights and experiences on building communities around their brand.”

There will be plenty of drink, food and collaborative consumption fodder and…it’s free! Space is limited however so register today and we’ll see you there!


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