Learn How to Layer Your Rugs Like a Pro


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Photo: Mydomaine.com

Photo: Mydomaine.com

If you find yourself looking for a quick trick that can completely transform your space, look no further than the art of layering rugs. You can use this technique to add depth to your room, to make your small space look bigger or just to add more texture and personality to the room in general. No matter what your style is, you’ll be able to mix and match rugs with different patterns, colors and materials to give your living space a new focal point.

Mixing Different Patterns

Photo: Brit.co

Photo: Brit.co

You shouldn’t be afraid of mixing different patterns and colors! If you’re looking for an easy way to turn your home into a boho sanctuary, than this is the route for you to take. Whether you’re mixing traditional stripes and chevron or layering vintage Persian rugs and modern day Moroccan textiles, this is a bold way to incorporate this trend into your home. While different patterns and colors often compliment each other well, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not accidentally creating a dizzying effect with too many busy prints. Play around with different swatches of patterns and colors before committing to make sure that you’ve made the perfect combination for your space.


Vintage Moroccan rug available in Chicago, Illinois


Vintage Kilim Carpet available in Katonah, New York

Mixing Different Textures

Photo: Apartmenttherapy.com

Photo: Apartmenttherapy.com

Mixing different textures is so easy! One of my favorite things is when a classic jute rugs comes into play. This neutral base is a great alternative for many reasons. They’re relatively inexpensive, so if you love the look of rugs but don’t have the budget for large textiles—layering with a jute rug is a great way to achieve the look you want while not hurting your bank account. You can easily throw a smaller scale rug on top of it to accomplish the depth you were looking for. Even if you have an unlimited budget, the layered jute rug aesthetic is a hot trend right now that you shouldn’t scoff at! Animal hide and sheepskin rugs also look flawless in this situation and help keep the trend looking chic. Doing something unexpected is also a fun alternative. Have you ever considered placing a sheepskin rug on one of your traditional Persian rugs? Well, you should!


Cowhide rug available in Valencia, California


Shag rug available in Wheaton, Illinois

Mixing It All

Photo: Popsugar.com

Photo: Popsugar.com

At the end of the day, your home is the place that represents you as a person and how you like to live! Don’t be afraid to take risks in your design choices even if it means mixing a brightly hued Boucherouite rug with that safe neutral rug you’ve had for years. Textiles aren’t exactly cheap, so if you have rugs in the various rooms of your home already, you should go ahead and take them from their original locations and try them out in the room that you want to be layering in. While under the coffee table is a classic spot for rugs, you should also branch out and use these warming elements in other rooms of your house. Make your bedroom a dreamy sanctuary by layering all different types of plush textiles under your bed. Is your kitchen or dining room looking a bit bland? Go for it!


Vintage Baluch rug available in Brooklyn, New York


Vintage Moroccan rug available in Katonah, New York

We know everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to decorating the home, so take a look at all of the various rugs available at Krrb and be inspired!

Do you layer your rugs? Is this a trend you would try? Let us know in the comments!

  • Vanessa Londono

    I love the look of layered rugs but I feel like it’s hard to do in my little apartment without looking sloppy. Any ideas on how to make it work?