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Wanted: This print in our home. Photo:

Wanted: This print in our home.

When Valentine’s Day began in the High Middle Ages, it was about chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Not with generic cards and stale candy hearts but with heartfelt notes and thoughtful gifts. Every day through February 14, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with fresh gift ideas for your loved ones.

Second to be featured is Tella Press. Printing all her cards by hand, Donatella Madrigal puts her design background and a lifetime of doodling to work. The Brooklyn-transplant by way of Madrid makes beautiful cards for every occasion.

Our valentine would dig the woodblock type. Photo:

Our valentine would dig the woodblock type.

Hi Donatella, what is your most memorable Valentine’s Day moment?
My first Valentine’s day in America was very memorable. I moved to NY when I was only 15 to study English in a Brooklyn high school. Although we also celebrate “San Valentín” in Madrid, I was definitely not ready for the explosion of love I was going to encounter walking into my school that first Valentine’s day. I remember seeing everyone dressed in red – the girls, the boys, and even the teachers. I also saw the biggest and most amazing heart balloon bouquets I had ever seen and lots of people were giving out chocolate candy. For me this was such a contrast to Madrid where only people “in love” seem to be jolly. Here, I was surprised to see friends and family telling me “I loved you” through cards, or candy or sometimes both…. and I truly loved it!

That’s so sweet! What is the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever given?
I always give music for Valentine’s Day along with a really cute card. A long time ago, a friend told me that you never forget the person that introduces you to a new song or band. Since then, I try to find music my sweetheart doesn’t know so he will associate it with me forever. The mixed tape lives on!

So who is your lucky Valentine this year?
This will be the fifth year my sweetheart will be my wonderful husband Marco and so far, along with some personalized wood type letterpress cards, he has discovered Coco Rosie, Joanna Newsom, Joaquín Sabina and the tangos of Carlos Gardel through his Valentine’s Day presents.

This printed card is perfect for your secret admirer.

This printed card is perfect for your secret admirer.

In case you missed it, here are the gift ideas from the previous days!

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