Krrb’s Valentine’s Gift Guide – Lois and Linnea, Saint Paul, Minnesota


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Your Valentine will appreciate a handmade headband from Lois and Linnea.

Your Valentine will love a handmade headband from Lois and Linnea.

When Valentine’s Day began in the High Middle Ages, it was about chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Not with generic cards and stale candy hearts but with heartfelt notes and thoughtful gifts. Every day through February 14, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with fresh gift ideas for your loved ones.

Today’s gift ideas come from the Midwestern jewelry designer Kari Christensen. Check out her Krrb corner Lois and Linnea to see her vintage-inspired collection of handmade romantic jewelry.

This ocean-inspired necklace with glass beads is sure to please your sweetheart.

This ocean-inspired necklace with glass beads is sure to please your sweetheart.

Hi Kari! Tell us about your most memorable Valentine’s Day moment.
I once agreed to a blind date on Valentine’s Day with a guy I met online. He offered to cook me dinner in his dorm room! I have to say I must’ve already sensed the creep factor because I brought my best friend with me for safety. We all agreed it would be more like a singles non-Valentine’s Day dinner. It went down as being memorable for the most awkward and horribly boring experience ever. When we got there, I noticed that he had printed a picture of me from the internet and it was HANGING ON HIS WALL! Super creepy! Then, if I remember correctly, we all awkwardly ate steak in silence and then watched the most depressing foreign art-film I have ever seen. We should have run away as fast as we could.

Definitely a Valentine’s Day for the books! What is the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever given?
I don’t know if it was the best, but it certainly was the most fun. In the seventh grade, I had a ‘boyfriend’ around Valentine’s Day and I was TOTALLY stumped as to what to get him. I say ‘boyfriend’ in quotes because I think we had dated for about two weeks, talked on the phone once, and our parents dropped us off at the movie theater a couple of times. It wasn’t exactly a real relationship. I decided I was going to mix up a red food coloring and water solution in a spray bottle, and sneak over to his house in the middle of the night to paint hearts in the snow. I enlisted my best friend to help me mixed up the solution and secure a sleepover at her house. We put on our best camouflage outfits, snuck over to his house on Valentine’s eve and sprayed hearts in the snow. Unfortunately, when we were done, it looked like there had been some kind of hunting accident in his yard. I’m not positive that he ever talked to me again after that.

Who is your lucky Valentine this year?
These days I don’t worry about what to get my guy on Valentine’s Day as much. I have had Paul as my Valentine for about six years, and we just don’t do ‘the creative thing.’ Usually we both get each other chocolates and flowers and pretend like it’s no big deal even though we just dropped $60 on something that would cost about $30 on any other day of the year! Sometimes though, we branch out and he buys me jewelry (yes, even though I make jewelry, I still LOVE getting jewelry as a gift!) and I buy him something guyish. Last year I bought Paul a shaving sampler from He smelled like whiskey, tobacco, and wood for a couple of months, and I was in heaven!

This ocean-inspired necklace with glass beads is sure to please your sweetheart.

Gift this lovely copper ring with amber glass beads to someone special.

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