Krrb’s Valentine’s Gift Guide – Friedasophie, San Francisco, California


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This vermeil bangle from FriedaSophie's Krrb corner makes a lovely statement piece.

When Valentine’s Day began in the High Middle Ages, it was about chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Not with generic cards and stale candy hearts but with heartfelt notes and thoughtful gifts. Every day through February 14, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with fresh gift ideas for your loved ones.

Up first in our gift guide is Friedasophie. San Franciscan Sandy Pfau hand crafts jewelry with organic shapes and natural gems. You can check out her Krrb Corner to see what timeless baubles you can gift your Valentine.

Triple gold charms hang on a dainty chain. So simple, so pretty.

Triple gold charms hang on a dainty chain. So simple, so pretty.

Hi Sandy! What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day moment?
I got kidnapped in the past by my then boyfriend, who stole me from my own party and took me on a trip in the country side for a romantic dinner in a castle.

Sounds lovely. Tell us the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever given.
My little cat Mausi, she was only one week old :)

Who is your Valentine this year?
I think I will fill in as a Valentine for my best friend who was left by her husband last year when she had cancer. We’ll celebrate her being well and single.

Your honey will glow with from these golden rutilated gemstones.


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