Krrb’s Valentine Gift Guide – Scorpion Sisters Labatories, San Francisco, California


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It's not to late to gift your Valentine this upcycled necklace from Scorpion Sisters.

It's not to late to gift your Valentine this upcycled necklace from Scorpion Sisters.

When Valentine’s Day began in the High Middle Ages, it was about chivalrously expressing love and admiration. Not with generic cards and stale candy hearts but with heartfelt notes and thoughtful gifts. Every day through February 14, we’ll feature a Krrb corner with fresh gift ideas for your loved ones.

Valentine’s Day is upon us and who better than Scorpion Sisters Labatories to show us the true meaning of love. We love San Francisco-based Michelle Threadgould’s ability to create unique jewelry from vintage chains and upcycled charms. Check out her new items centered around Valentine’s Day and see why we’re enamored.

We love the mismatched heart earrings.

We love these mismatched heart earrings.

Hi Michelle! What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day moment?
Psycho has always been one of my favorite films, and I think few things are as iconic as the Norman Bates Hotel. To me, horror films are romantic because when you are afraid, you seek comfort from a loved one. So, I thought it would be a great idea one Valentine’s Day to stay at a hotel that seemed straight out of Psycho. The hotel was in the middle of nowhere, in Vermont, which is really saying something, and it had this flickering hotel sign, with bright neon letters that said VACANCY. Upon entering the hotel, we were greeted by an attendant who was haggard, smelled like alcohol, and who probably hadn’t bathed in weeks. This scared me. Once I was in the hotel room, this guy knocked on our hotel door every fifteen minutes and asked “Are you okay?” I realized that we were then only guests at the hotel, the novelty wore off, and I decided to leave, alive, while I still could. I no longer feel nostalgic towards horror movies.

That’s hilarious! Tell us about the best Valentine’s Day present you’ve ever given.
One Valentines day, when I was in high school, I attached poems to illustrations that I had hand-drawn. Each poem was written by Lynn Elizabeth Watson, an East Bay poet who wrote about solitude and what it was like to live in a city with only yourself to rely on. I came up to people in my high school in Santa Rosa and asked, “Do you have a Valentine?” If the answer was no, I handed them a Valentine. My friends and I ended up going downtown, and I saw this man sitting alone and eating dinner in a restaurant. I went inside and asked, “Do you have a Valentine?” He said no, and I handed him the Valentine. “This is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me,” he said. I realized then that the best gifts are unexpected and come from the heart.

That is so true. Do you have a lucky Valentine this year?
This year, I am fortunate enough to have Nick Massaro as my Valentine. He is an ambitious and sweet-hearted soul who always seems to know where I am coming from, and encourages me to be better. He’s also a bad-ass musician. His band Pebble Theory plays the Hotel Utah on February 17th, a great concert to attend Valentine’s Day week.

Show your true feelings with these handmade gift boxes.

Show your true feelings with these handmade gift boxes.

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