Krrbin’ On The Go – Our Editors Take A Spin On The Krrb iPhone App (video)


Brooke and me in real-time Krrbin' action.

Have you grabbed the Krrb iPhone App? Well, what are you waiting for?! There are all sorts of fun reasons why the game has changed.

One: Now all you have to do is snap a picture and you’re on the road to a fresh new post. No more messing about with uploading and downloading.

Two: Try walking around town and seeing what’s around you. In real time. With a nice map. It’s like a treasure hunt!

Watch the video of Brooke and me in real-time Krrbin’ action:

Grab the iPhone App now.

Enter To Win!

And because we are so excited, we’ve launched a Summer Clearance Contest where the winner gets a brand new 8GB iPod Touch and 50 Krrb credits. Social butterfly, are you? Try for the Social Award.

Enter now.

  • tanks. :)

  • Van

    VERY cute video! :)

  • Get with the program! ;-)
    Tho word is that other apps are in the works…

  • Awe, thanks! Enter the contest to win an iPod?!

  • Debbie Tomlinson

    LOVE the video! you gals are too cute and show how easy it is to “krrb on the go” now if only i had an iphone :P

  • Lovely! And thanks! :)

  • Penelope_Fitzgerald

    Great, fun video.  Just downloaded the app.  Loving it already.