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Vintage Woodpecker Woodware bowl in Denver, Colorado. Find it in Embee's Krrb corner.

Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: Vintage

Worth’s Cloak in New York, NY

One cloak to rule them all. It really does look magical!

Vintspiration’s Krrb corner plays host to an array of remarkable finds including this incredible black velvet cloak by Worth’s ($64.00) from the ’40s with rhinestone buttons. If a cloak is not necessarily your thing don’t fret, there’s much more to sift through like this 70s scarf ($12.00), a super cute Guess cropped denim jacket ($39.00) from the ’80s, and (our personal favorite), a set of Miller glasses from the ’70s ($32.00).

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Underwood Typewriter in Austin, Texas

Type away for just $79.99

If you’re living in or around Austin, Texas (or anywhere really) and you’ve been on the hunt for a typewriter, well, we’ve got you covered. This Underwood classic ($79.99) is in good shape and even comes with a case. Underwoods have been known to go for as much as $500 so this is a steal. Not in the mood to type? No worries, there are plenty of other treasures stacked neatly in Angela’s Krrb corner. Check out this watering can decorated with daisies ($29.99) or this set of four Morton Salt mugs ($14.99).

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Polaroid Camera in Northeast Denver

How can you say no to a Polaroid?

Polaroids have a special place in everyone’s heart. They’re so iconic and let’s face it, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. This particular Polaroid ($30.00) features a tripod mount, folding optical system (the camera collapses so it’s easier to carry), and a 114 MM lens. If you’re not into Polaroids there are plenty of items that will tickle your fancy in Embee’s (Northeast Denver) corner like a three-legged serving bowl ($18.00) or a space-age looking coffee maker ($50.00).

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Red Vinyl Couch in Brooklyn, New York

Sit down, relax, and enjoy the vintage.

This red vinyl sectional ($950.00) would be a great addition to any living room. Brooklyn Reclamation’s Krrb corner is so much fun—almost as much fun as going to their store in Williamsburg. There are so many pieces in amazing condition—like this wooden dresser and metal cabinet ($1250.00)—it’s hard to tear yourself away.

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China Cabinet in Galveston, Texas

Mixin' the old and the new that's what we're all about.

The deep red of this China Cabinet ($250.00) is just our speed. The guys over at Fezfactiry in Galveston, Texas are known for bringing antique furniture back to life with vibrant personality. Don’t need a China Cabinet? What about a desk with a chalkboard ($175) or a striking vanity ($325)? Be sure to check out the slideshow they’ve put together of all the amazing furniture pieces they’ve revived.

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Rotary Telephone in New York, New York

Time to hook your landline back up!

In the age of wireless internet, IMs, and text messages, the thought of having a landline might sound silly—until you see this phone ($75.00). Dating back to the early 1900s, these phones are being redesigned and recreated by different companies and cost about the same as this original. Not a fan of the phone? Rose and Victor (New York City) have plenty more to capture your attention like a neon Camel cigarette sign from the ’60s ($175), a 90-year-old taxidermy armadillo from Argentina ($175.00), and a sewing machine by Kay-EE that dates back to the ’30s ($45.00).

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Kicky Leather Jacket in Paris, France

Leather jacket.

This leather from the ’80s (50€) is reminiscent of Prince’s beaut in Purple Rain, minus the purple, plus the leather. There’s also some suede. Sweet! This gem of a jacket can be found hanging in Alex’s Krrb corner (Paris, France).

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Acorn Candle Holders in Brooklyn, NY

Look they're acorns...wait. They're candles!

Take the top off of these acorns and what do you got? Candles, of course! These mantle pieces can be yours by making an offer to Jacquelyn in Brooklyn, New York. Acorns not your favorite? How about an array of handmade jewelry? There are the moss agate drop earrings, brass and button charm earrings ($15.00), and a brass and bone necklace that will go with everything.

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Hampton Nites’ Dress in Mesa, Arizona

The '80s are back, don'tcha know?

Sure, winter has barely started (at least here in the Northeast) but can we just pretend it’s spring for a moment? This sheer dress straight outta the ’80s makes us want to bear the cold and wear it anyway. Are you more practical? Liz @ The Blue Eyed Owl’s corner (Mesa, Arizona) has plenty of other items that work in all types of weather, like this handmade brooch ($12.00), an orange apron ($14.00), and for the aficionados out there this Sarah Coventry necklace ($26.00).

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