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Vaya Bags' Krrb corner has some fantastic messenger bags of all sizes! This one is the standard size. Standard awesome.

Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: Handmade

Vintage Key Necklace in Manhattan, New York

Handmade vintage key necklaces are the new rave!

Anne’s Krrb corner is filled with some fantastic homemade jewelry of all kinds. Inspired by nature and her love of jewelry design, Anne has an array of different pieces that compliment anyone’s style. Although her key necklaces ($100) are what grabbed our attention, her leaf earrings ($100) are also super cute. Anne’s website showcases everything she’s done and she encourages clients to collaborate with her.

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Leather Backpack in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Nothing better than a solid, well-made leather backpack.

Not sure about you, but finding a decent leather backpack feels like an endless search for the Holy Grail. Well, now you can forego imminent danger and snag this really nice handmade leather bag ($195) from Ariana’s Krrb Corner. Ariana’s business, Deconize, is a collection of vintage and handmade clothing and accessories that will make you swoon. These men’s oxfords ($110), mod black womens shoes ($35), and these black, plastic earrings ($23) are just a few gems in her collection.

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Jazz up your kitchen with these super cute napkins!

Not only are these napkins ($23) adorable, but they’re also sustainable. They’re made out of recycled hemp and cotton. All of the products in Tina Produce’s Krrb corner are resuable and sustainable. If you’re A-OK in the napkin department, Tina has some other handmade goodies like this tote bag ($9), and I Strawberry California onesie ($15).

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Upcycled Pouch & Pin in Jackson Heights, Queens

Fit all of your crafting tools in this upcycled pouch that comes with a marigold pin.

Now that drawer of art, school, miscellaneous stuff that’s haunting you can be neatly placed into an adorable upcycled polkadot pouch ($24). Ok, at least some of it will fit. Then you can carry the pouch around instead of shoving markers, pens, and scissors into your pockets or stuffing them into your already packed purse. There are other things in Dawn’s Krrb corner, like iPhone cases ($24) and circle scarves ($108) that are all artfully handmade!

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Wood-Inlay Map of Quebec in San Francisco, California

Not only is it amazing but it's actually a geographical tool! Yup, that is Lac Manicouagan, Quebec, Canada.

The folks at Woodcut Maps do some amazing work with wood. The map of Quebec ($200), which measures 5″x16″, caught our eye because the description states, “Also known (by us!) as the ‘eye of sauron.’ The perfect gift for your favorite LotR fan!” Woodcut Maps also has smaller, more space-saving wood-inlays, like these coasters ($60), and this map of Prospect Park ($200).

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Harry Potter Bead in Rocky River, Ohio

Two words: Harry Potter! Need we say more?

After that last movie in 2011, a lot of us weren’t the same. Luckily in Chrispy44’s Krrb corner there is a glimmer of hope in the form of a Harry Potter bead ($25). There’s one other bead ($25) in Chrispy44’s corner with some serious college spirit. Go Buckeyes!

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Pure Castille Handmade Soap in Juneau Town, Milwaukee

Very basic olive soap that your skin will love!

Beehive Alchemy’s corner is full of amazing handmade soaps ($6), candles ($5), and honeys ($12-22). All of her products are made from natural, sustainable ingredients, so you could go ahead and pamper yourself with a facial mask ($8) and go to town with that tea soap ($6), guilt-free. Beehive Alchemy also has moisturizers and lip balm!

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Heart Shaped Hooks in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Hook, line and sinker!

Metal and Thread has such an amazing Krrb corner! It’s full of everything, from stainless steel mesh chain-maille earrings ($135), to this super cool vintage wool jacket ($65). If metal hooks aren’t your thing, surely some threads are!

Get it all here:

Backpack in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Another fantastic handmade backpack!

How can you resist a backpack ($150) that’s made of recycled, repurposed material, and looks as awesome as this one? Easy, you can’t. We love Vaya Bags because they give us so many options and they even do custom jobs. What more can you ask of a bag company? If you’re not on the market for a backpack, try the standard messenger bag ($140) or this new little addition ($32).

Get it all here:”

Necklace in Carthage, Texas

This necklace literally looks good enough to eat!

Upon first glance you might think that necklace ($10) is actually made of chocolate. LadyK has quite a few necklaces in her corner. It was so nice to find out that some of them are made by her daughter, a young lady who seems to be just as excited about crafting as we are. You gotta start them off young. Here are a few of our favorite necklaces: The Ring of Fire ($10), and The Book Page, which you can have by making an offer!

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Did we miss something? Did we chose one of your corner items and you want to add something? Let us know and post below…

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