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Welcome to “Quick Picks” where we scour for remarkable finds and amazing pieces guided by just one word. Today’s word: Dream

Raganella’s blend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This blend contains several relaxing herbs including lavender.

You’ll find a number of homemade body products on Raganella’s Krrb corner. Aside from creams and tea blends, proprietor, Liz Neves, makes Vivid Visions, a smoking herb blend ($8). The herb blend has a mixture of wildcrafted mugwort and wildcrafted damiana known to bring vivid dreams. If you aren’t interested in smoking, Raganella’s Krrb corner also has a number of body products to help you relax and reach a dreamlike state of euphoria.

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Polaroid transfer in Park Slope, Brooklyn

The polaroid transfer has a dreamy feeling to it.

The image of a cow surfing is sure to make you think you are dreaming. This Polaroid transfer is one of many taken by photographer Matt Schwartz. This image ($95) was shot in Ecuador and is printed on heavy/textured watercolor paper. Be sure to check out other dreamy photos in She Hit Pause Studio’s Krrb corner.

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Abstract art, Easthampton, Massachusetts.

This abstract piece engages the subconscious.

Invisible Fountain’s artworks are truly memorable. Colorful and original, pieces like Rainbow-colored Folk Pop Pain ($99.99) are sure to help you reach an altered state the all natural way. Be sure to check out this item and more of Luke Cavagnac‘s artwork on Invisible Fountain’s Krrb corner.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry, Park Slope, Brooklyn

This sterling silver ring makes a whimsical statement.

This ring ($130) is part of the Whirls collection and would make any outfit complete. The organic design can be interpreted as feathers, leaves, coral or wherever your dreams may take you. Debbie Liu designs and handmakes this fun line of statement jewelry. For this and other unique pieces to add to your collection, visit Harlequin Lionhead’s Krrb corner.

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Glass lamp in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

You can only request three wishes from this genie.

Looking to add a lighthearted “I Dream of Jeannie” inspired decor to your digs? Look no further than this pink Barovier lamp. Available to the best offer, this cheeky dream lamp can easily be rewired with a light kit from the hardware store. Take it from interior designer Jeff Blum, who offers a variety of other lamps on his Six Zero 6’s Krrb corner.

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Limited Edition print, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

The monument in this drawing watches over when we sleep.

Brooklyn-based Company curates artwork with fantastical elements much like this item by Colette Robbins. The landscape print ($95) has a spiritual connection to the monument watching over the bay. Hang it over your bed for a full night’s rest. For other beautiful prints, visit Company’s Krrb corner.

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Vinyl records in New York, New York

Add it to your dream music collection.

This extensive record collection is a music lover’s dream come true. Former DJ Rachel Mason is selling the majority of her goods for $2 a pop. Some rarer records are selling between $5 and $25 depending on the item. Don’t waste time and check out her vast vinyl selection at Rachel’s Krrb corner.

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Signed print in New York, New York

Capture that Hollywood dream.

Own your little piece of movie star glamor with this signed print by Victor Spinelli. This well-traveled photographer has had work published in a number of magazines such as Vogue, W, Newsweek, and Harpers Bazaar. This photograph of actress Amber Heard captures that dream of success with the iconic Hollywood sign in the background. More beautiful black and white prints are available at Victor’s Krrb corner.

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Wolf Model in Gowanus, Brooklyn

Wolf model.

What we love most about Film Biz Prop Shop in Brooklyn is the element of discovery. Uncover dreams and your artistic potential with this Wolf clothing model. The child-size clothes form is adjustable and stands on a cast-iron base. Start that witty children’s t-shirt company you’ve always dreamed of. Visit Film Biz Prop Shop’s Krrb corner for this and other unique finds.

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