Krrb Presents Quick Tips — How To Make Mini Pizzas


We know you have no time for long-winded how-to’s, so we’ll keep it short. In under a minute, Quick Tips are here to help you with life’s little lessons. So unless you get caught up watching hundreds in a row, which – warning – you just might, you can quickly get back to monitoring your news feeds or whatever you were doing. Check out the full video series here.

When it comes to making snacks for hungry children (and adults!) the less fuss, the better. Check out this healthy spin on a class favorite — mini pizzas. We teamed up with Lia LoBello from The Pretty Delicious for a simple mini pizza recipe that you can tailor to your health needs. Swap in whole wheat or brown rice English muffins, homemade sauce, and even top it off with a few raw veggies. These mini pizzas are a simple snack sure to hold any kid over till dinner time. Be sure to check The Pretty Delicious for more recipes from Lia and her co-blogger Erin.

  • MAlex

    I am always looking for new recipes and ideas for the kitchen. Something like mini pizzas are easy to make and a fun idea to get the family involved all together. Spice it up with a little pepperoni or my favorite extra cheeses!