Krrb Presents How to Make Almond Milk


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Krrb has been sharing fun lessons every day as we get back to school. Here today is Stef, a raw foodie to show you how to make almond milk at home. This budget-friendly how-to requires just a little prep and a blender or vertical juicer. When buying nuts for almond milk, be sure to to get them raw and free of seasonings. After you’ve made almond milk, you can add spices and natural sweeteners to taste.



  • Usually around $14/lb. But a pound of raw almonds can make about a half gallon of Almond Milk. Thanks Judochop!

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering what the price point ends up being per pound of raw almonds. Great idea!

  • Andrew Wagner

    Never thought I’d be this excited about the thought of making Almond Milk! Well done Stef. My weekend is set. Almond Milk it is!