Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100


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Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100


If you made a budget this holiday season, don’t think you have to shop the bargain bin. There are many thoughtful options for everyone on your list without having to spend over $100 a person. Make them feel special without dipping into your saving account. Read on to find out how.

For the Woman Who Likes to Treat Herself


This dressing kimono feels like a dream. That is, if a dream was made of lightweight cotton and had pockets. Give to your Aunt Susan, who never shys away from the spa when she travels. Next time, she can bring her own robe.

Pink Cypress Kimono from Rasany, $89.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

Smart phones have taken over our lives and made them all about multi-tasking. You can’t catch up with friends on the phone without also playing Candy Crush or checking Instagram. Indulge your mom in the gift of time with this princess phone that still works. Gift this along with a landline (should run you about $20) and let her take calls at her leisure.

Vintage Princess Telephone from Phat Dog Vintage, $89.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

Every woman needs a jaw-dropping statement necklace. Wrap up this beauty for your cousin Claire. Made of vintage tribal wood and jet seed beads, this multi-strand bauble will make an outfit. Dress up a pair of jeans and tee or a tired black dress, this gift will go with anything.

Vintage Tribal Wood and Jet Seed Necklace from Jeni Jaques, $42.

For the Analog Man

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

A sculpture dishware can upgrade any meal. Take for example this one-handle oblong dish made of Haitian Teak—whether it’s full of fresh, artisanal baked bread or peanut butter sandwiches, you will want to eat it.

Rare George Briard Dish from Gyre & Gimble, $75.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

If your father groans every time you bring up Wi-Fi passwords and cloud storage, this is the electronic for him. This analog LED clock is handcrafted into a piece of maple, walnut or cherry wood. It’s beautiful and simple, just how he likes his gadgets.

Analog LED Clock by Tungsten Customs, $97.50.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

Swoon-worthy, this cashmere and leather bowtie is equal parts soft and tough. It’s an ideal gift for the man who has banned anything with a USB cord.

Cashmere and Leather Bowtie from Liv+Work, $82.

For the Child with Too Many Legos and an iPad

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

Sure, it’s easy to find gifts for children. DVDs, iPads and even electronic learning games will hold their attention—albeit temporarily. But when I see bright yellow pouf, I imagine it could be so many things for a child, like a reading spot, a stool to reach high places and it will even come in handy for pretend play.

Mini Kid’s Ottoman from PEAS, $65.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

As someone who grew up pretending the blue carpet in my bedroom was water full of sharks, this Giraffe pillow is all sorts of awesome. Gift it to your sister’s toddler or to your best friend’s 7-year old daughter, it works for all ages.

Giraffe Pillow from In The Seam, $65.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

Simply put, the best gift you can give a child is some room to imagine. Hit up the art store and pick up crayons, paint sets, clay, tape, stickers and the like. Fill up this art box with your supplies and give it to a little one. Let them explore and indulge in their creativity—they’ll thank you for it.

Reclaimed Wood Art Box from Restoration Ampersand, $35.

For Someone Who Seriously Has Everything

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

It can be so difficult to shop for your grandmother, after giving her countless slippers over the years. This time around, make it easy and make it good. Give her this beautiful Viking handblown vase with some flowers in it.

Handblown Viking Vase from Gyre & Gimble, $85.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

If you pick up a bottle of wine for your boss (again) this year, grab this ice bucket to go with it. Made of vintage aluminum, this bar cart staple has a neat embossed texture to it.

Ice Bucket from Aubrey Square, $55.

Krrb Gift Guide — One of Kind Gifts Under $100

When your group of girlfriends trade scarfs as part of your holiday tradition, bring this knitted cowl scarf along with you. Warm and toasty, this accessory will become part of their winter wardrobe through March. At that point, you might have to surgerically remove it from their hands.

Handknitted Cowl Scarf from PEAS, $35.

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