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Shopping for the men in your life can be difficult. From the simple man that “just doesn’t like stuff,” to the impossibly particular, to those who only need incredibly expensive power tools and car parts (my dad actually falls into all three of these categories), the whole holiday giving thing can feel like a total crap shoot. But not this year! This year, your presents will be opened with a smile. This time you’ll see him wearing, using or treasuring your gift for years to come. Oh yes, he will.

For the Manly Man


A real man’s man always enjoys a good beer. You know what makes a good beer even better? How about enjoying that cold one in a stylish vintage stein that’s tough enough to withstand solid contact with other steins during vigorous prosting?

11 Vintage Beer Steins from Rustbelt Treasures, $145


I’m not sure when the man cave thing came into the cultural lexicon, but it’s definitely here to stay. Love it or hate it, a new piece of “artwork” for his man cave, particularly something that rightfully belongs on the wall of a dive bar, will be a welcome addition.

Neon Miller Sign from RanWiz, $175


This is the perfect gift for any guy in your life who likes to work out, from the weight lifter to the parkour enthusiast. It takes up less space than say, a Gazelle Glider, and he’ll appreciate that stylish vintage touch that says: “I see you have muscles and good taste.”

Vintage Leather Medicine Ball from Modernist Mayhem, $750

For the Dapper Man


He won’t appreciate a gift made with popsicle sticks and love. Get him something that affirms his unfailing good taste and accents (but doesn’t overshadow) his good looks. A fancy decanter for his Hennessy or scotch or whatever it is that he drinks should do the trick.

Vintage Glass Decanter from Dusty Rose Vintage, $38


While he prefers to get his impeccable shoes shined by others, the old-fashioned shoeshine stand isn’t exactly a common occurrence anymore. This valet caddy stocked with authentic tools will help him do the job properly when there isn’t a shoeshine boy in sight.

Shoeshine Caddy from Rustbelt Treasures, $38


When shopping for someone of his caliber, the devil is in the details. A novelty tie is sure to be met with disapproval and don’t even think about polyester! Give him not one, but six 100% silk ties. The odds of matching up his pocket squares are just that much higher.

Six Skinny Vintage Ties from Vintage Baubles & Bits, $36

For the Man of the Past


Though he wishes he were living in a cabin in the woods, just you know, throwing axes and watching bears prepare for winter, he lives in the city and works on a computer every day. No matter. Let him live the dream once in a while with a beautiful vintage typewriter.

Vintage Olivetti Typewriter from Phat Dog Vintage, $375


While his friends are glued to their smartphones, he regularly enjoys technology-free weekends. Support his Luddite tendencies with a gift that will make him feel like he’s living in the olden days, back when things were simpler and alarm clocks were huge.

Radio Alarm Clock from Artpot, $35


If he’s into gardening, pickling and otherwise getting back to his old-timey culinary roots, grinding his own grass-fed burger is a natural next step. This antique meat grinder actually works and based on the fact that it’s lasted this long, it will grind on for years to come.

Antique Meat Grinder from Cass & Merlune, $28

For the Musical Man


Give him the gift of rhythm. Whether he’s just learning how to play a new instrument or has been playing for years, this vintage metronome offers a super stylish way to keep the beat. Sure there are online versions and apps, but this one has some personality to it.

Vintage Metronome from Kira, $45


So he wants to play an instrument. Spare yourself the Jack Johnson covers and get him a keyboard! This is an instrument with a versatile sound. He can rock out with some synthy sounds, get down with classical or even play some hymns for the grandparents.

Casio Keyboard from Quality Used Merchandise, $85


He may have a killer stereo system and a great record collection but he probably doesn’t have this. Made from reclaimed wood, this handcrafted gramophone is designed to naturally amplify the music from his phone speakers for a classy way to turn up the tunes.

Wooden Gramophone from Kurtz + Atkins Design, $125


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