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As the old saying goes, “No two snowflakes are alike.” and the same applies to women. Whether she wants to make her home into a space she’ll never leave or she wants to get outside on a wild adventure, Krrb has just what you’re looking for. So make sure your girlfriend, wife, mom, sister or whoever the special lady is in your life will never forget that unique gift you got just for them with these suggestions.

For The Hostess


It’s always nice to have a variety of drinks to offer any guests and the hostess knows this. This glass teapot is perfect for those friends who just want a warm cup of tea on those cold wintery visits. More importantly though, it’s a perfect way to prepare yourself and any guest a delicious hot toddy! There’s just so many things you can do with this teapot.

Glass Teapot from Golden Calf, $32.50


The special lady in your life that is mixing you up a tasty drink is also going to want to cook you a hefty meal and hey, we aren’t going to complain. Get rid of that old square cutting board because this cutting board is shaped like a strawberry! She’ll be dicing onions, peppers, garlic and most importantly, strawberries on her new cutting board.

Strawberry Cutting Board by Golden Calf, $32


I remember my mom having a box full of recipes while I was growing up. It always made me feel like I was being a huge help whenever she would ask me to get her a recipe. This vintage recipe box comes with 54 cards for all your loved ones delicious treats.

Vintage Recipe Box with Cards from Case Vintage, $6

For The Wild Child


What better way to start out your night than with a few cocktails in your home with friends? This bar accessory set is perfect for the lady in your life that likes to have a little fun. She’ll be prepared to start the night out right with all her friends once you’ve gifted her this set.

Bar Accessory Set from Sanné, $119


Now I know what you’re thinking, sunglasses for a girl that likes to go out at night? Well these vintage Ray Ban sunglasses are not only cool looking but they’re going to save her a world of pain the next day. She’ll be thanking you when she doesn’t have to deal with the awful sun after an awesome night of fun.

Vintage Ray Ban Sunglasses from LyndiLane, $125


There truly is no better artwork than that which represents the things you love. This Bottoms Up framed poster will do just that. Show your gal pal that you know exactly what she loves – lounging around by the pool and drinking (responsibly)!

Bottoms Up Framed Poster from Jacque Schulgen, $12

For the Adventurer


Maybe your lady is more of the outdoorsy type, not a problem. Grab her a bike hoist to help keep her bike out of sight but definitely not out of mind. These are especially great in tiny, city apartments.

Bike Hoist from Danny Nathan, $40


What if she wants to get a little further away from those city lights and into the woods? Well, she’s going to need a lantern for those dark nights. She’ll appreciate the thought of you taking time to find a unique lantern and not just grabbing something flimsy from Ikea.

Vintage Lantern from Kingpin, $50


Another thing she’ll need in the great outdoors… booze! This flask is extra special though, it’s a vintage utility flask! It’s encased in leather, comes with four cups for sharing, a knife and a fork. She’ll be set for weeks!

Vintage Utility Flask from Erie Drive, $79.98

For The Sixties Lover


So she really loves the show Mad Men, so much so that she wants to be in Mad Men. There’s plenty of listings on Krrb just for her. This vintage 1960’s sundress is a great place to start.

Vintage Sundress from Case Vintage, $38


She’s going to need some accessories to go along with her Betty Draper look. I mean, what’s a 1960’s look without a pretty necklace? Get her these fancy, yet casual pearls and she’s sure to be the belle (or Betty) of the ball!

Vintage Pearls from Reetzeez Piecez, $25


So she isn’t really the pearl necklace type, then buy her this scarf instead! It’s still got that 1960’s feel without being too overly fancy. She’ll love it!

Vintage Scarf from Paper Wood Vintage, $9

Have an idea for all the wonderful women in your life? Let us know in the comments below.


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