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Krrb Classifieds is all about redesigning, recycling and reusing. Living in an apartment full of dudes in their mid-twenties is a lot like still being in college. My bedroom definitely still gives off that vibe anyway. So I’ve decided to start redecorating.

As the years go on and I mature, my taste in home decor and the way I present myself does as well. I would like to bring guests back to my apartment and bedroom without it feeling like we’re hanging out in a storage space. So slowly but surely I will turn my room into the comfortable and cozy room it is meant to be.


The first thing that I’m going to do is take down all of the posters, photos, cards and anything else that is currently residing on my walls. I think it’s time for the (broken) mirror above my bed to go as well. I’m going to hang onto a few select posters to frame and rehang once I’ve painted. The rest of the photos and things will go into a box under my bed; where memories belong!

One of my roommates works on film sets and has so graciously offered to bring me home leftover paint. I’m going to start with an eggshell white base so I figured I would need about a gallon. This alone will make the walls much easier to look at; no more looking at the ugly, dry wall tan color of my walls. Though paint isn’t that expensive I feel good about not letting any go to waste and saving some money!


Next time, I’ll show you my newly painted room and I’ll have some more ideas as to how I want to keep updating. What about you guys? Any ideas on what I could do to make my room more homey? Let me know in the comments!


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