Krrb Cribs — Finding a Dresser


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The first step in remodeling my room is complete. I’ve painted all of the walls with a base color of eggshell white and already I see an improvement. A fresh coat of paint has made the room feel brand new and clean! I have a long way to go but this is a good first step.

The next thing I want to do is start replacing some of my “custom built” furniture around the room. For instance, the two small dressers I use as a full-size dresser, they need to go. It’s time to get a real dresser or shelving unit of sorts. I’d also like to get rid of the odd shelf table structure my roommate built when it was his room. As of right now, it holds most of my books, dvd’s and any other odds and ends I don’t know what to do with. But I’m looking for storage that better displays and hides my belongings.


I think this problem could be easily fixed with a few pieces of furniture. The Kallax shelving unit and four baskets to go along with it is more along the lines of what I’m thinking. I am searching used furniture stores, garage sales and of course Krrb to find these pieces. I could go to Ikea and pay full price, but I know I can get it for cheaper, in good condition if I buy it secondhand. And then, I won’t have to build it.


It’s looking pretty good in here already, if I do say so myself. I definitely have made some major strides since last time. I’ve got a lot of ideas and work ahead of me but it’s going to be a fun adventure and I’m glad I get to share it with you! Time to get those shelves, some baskets and keep this project going.


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