Krrb and CatG Sitting In A Tree — A Love Poem


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Last week we announced a winner to our Sell Everything contest and it turns out we’ve got a match made in heaven. Even one of Cat’s friends said to her, “if you love Krrb so much, why don’t you just marry it?!” Well Cat, we accept. You melted our hearts with your words of love — which, by the way, we’ll be painting on our office walls. Yay!

Well I loved it so much, at the moment I bought it.
Then I let it sit idle, and my eye never caught it.
Until one day came Krrb, and I saw it anew.
And found on its surface, the dust that accrued.
So I brushed off the cobwebs, and took a few pics,
Made a Krrb corner, and got a few hits.
Neighbors came by, and some stuff was traded.
Others were bought, and plenty donated.
I met some great people, reunited with others.
Brooklyn neighbors, I learned, are as friendly as brothers.
I didn’t do it for money, to afford that new dress.
My mission was simple, to just start afresh.

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