Kid-Centric — Dream Bedrooms According to Kids


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Kid-Centric — Dream Bedrooms According to Kids

A tiger-themed decorated bedroom, according to 3-year old Zain Corey.

When it comes to our homes, we have a lot of opinions. Curious to hear their viewpoints, we turned to the residents of children’s bedrooms youngsters to find out how they would furnish their bedrooms. What would they use for a bed? Where would they store their toys? The answers from these children may have you thinking twice about your own bedroom and scanning the Krrb Classifieds for new furniture.

Zain Corey, Age 3

I would like my room to be like a tiger’s dwelling. There would be nests made of leaves for my books and toys. My bed would have orange and black stripes. I would like sticks and hay on the walls for decorations.

Ada Liberson, Age 6

My ideal room would be a really big room with a big bouncy bed—it would be a normal bed and a normal height but really really big and bouncy so that I can jump and fall on it easily. I also would have those curtains all around it but they would be the kind that you can sort of see through. I would have lots and lots and lots and lots of books on lots and lots and lots of shelves. Under the shelves, there would be boxes where I would keep my toys. I would also keep my clothes on a couple of the shelves. Also, everything in my room would be violet. It’s not my favorite color, brown is, but it’s the color that I want everything in my room to be.

Freya Bergin-Piggott, Age 6 1/2

I would have an outside room with a clear roof, a bounce room so that you could bounce on the bed and into the walls, a cloud bed and a singing room with disco ball and microphone and One Direction (the British boy band) posters.

Mette Faden, Age 5

I would make my room look like a flamingo. I would paint the walls like its tail and on the door, it’s head. My bed would look like a peacock. It would have silver lines and then the sheets would be like peacock feathers. My toys would be kept in a black bin that looked like a bird’s beak and I would also have a nice chair. It would have pink stripes with zebra print between the stripes.

Zelda Silbert, Age 9

I would have it how it is—the same loft bed. I would paint my walls yellow and get a bean bag chair.

Joshua Carter, Age 7

It would look like a castle. And it is made out of food. I am sleeping in my castle that has a bed. I will keep my toys under my bed. The toys are a surfboard and a pencil.

Gabriel Silbert, Age 8

I would have my bed hanging from the ceiling with a rope ladder and toys would be stored in a compartment under my bed. I would have access to anywhere in the house through secret tunnels that only a kid could fit. I would also have access to a pool, hot tub, and arcade, and the arcade didn’t cost any money. I would have a thing outside my room that would scan you and if you were a grownup it would push you back, but if you were a kid it would let you pass. And a lab attached to it.


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