It’s 11/11/11. Do You Know Where Your Painting Is?


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Artist Luke Cavagnac in his gallery, The Invisible Fountain, in Easthampton, Massachusetts.

Many moons ago I played guitar in a band called Lucky Pierre with a painter named Luke Cavagnac. After two records Lucky Pierre split up. I ended up in San Francisco while Luke headed back to his hometown of Northhampton, Massachusetts. Many moons later I find myself in New York City writing this post and contemplating the eighth anniversary of The Invisible Fountain, Luke’s Easthampton gallery on Saturday.

Walking into the Invisible Fountain in the Eastworks building is kind of like walking into Luke’s head—or riding shot-gun with him on a drive across the country while he drinks Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee and drops some serious world views on you. Sort of the same thing I guess. In eight years Luke has painted close to 4,000 paintings in the 1,000 square foot loft. Paintings of almost any size you can think of line every inch of wall and ceiling space. Luke functions under the motto “Art for All” and his work is priced accordingly with the most affordable coming in at, fittingly for this day in history, $11.11. From there all work is priced out in multiples of 11—$11.11, $22.22, $33.33 up to $1,111.11 (and beyond).

The Invisible Fountain. Welcome to Luke's head.

Buying a Cavagnac original is kind of like joining a really kick-ass club. You bring home your painting, find the perfect place for it to live and your space is suddenly transformed into a completely unique cafe somewhere in some exotic locale you’ve never visited. But that’s not all. A few weeks later you might get a copy of Luke’s ‘zine, The Yankee Wine Bib, in your mailbox featuring his musings on cheap wine and bad movies. For example:

Lindeman’s 2005 Bin 65 Chardonnay Australia $6
A bit vacuous. I don’t mean to cast aspersions but this baby’s far too cheap and easy for my taste. I crave the thrill of the hunt. This is the thrill of the suburbs. And even though I’m not sure exactly what this means—it makes me wanna shout “Punk not dead!”

National Treasure (2004)
starring Nick Cage
Mindless. Too simple. Doesn’t leave you wondering, just throws a bunch of hooey around. How ’bout those psychedelic glasses made by Ben Franklin. What is up with this movie?

And then you might turn on your stereo and find Luke crooning away with The Claudia Malibu, his long running band featuring Les Lebarge on bass and Josh “Sharkpony” Belknap on drums. New album coming soon.

The Claudia Malibu's last album, "Skyboy and the Wigs."

In celebration of eight years of The Invisible Fountain Luke is hosting a party, “Paintless is Pointless,” this Saturday night from 6-9. So enjoy your 11/11/11 and get prepped to dive into the Fountain on 11/12/11. You won’t be disappointed.

Flyer for "Paintless is Pointless." Too true. Too true.

If you can’t make the party, you can always swing by the gallery or find his work posted right here on Krrb. Luke’s always happy to have visitors, both the virtual and analogue kind. Enjoy!


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