Inventory of One #15 – Chevron, Folding Rulers, Tricycles and More


Bringing it to you live daily.

Macrame Earrings with Chevron Zig Zag

Chevron is all the rage and your ears should no-less don the trend. And handmade to boot!

Gowanus, Brooklyn, $85
Grab it from Rumi Sumaq’s corner.

Reclaimed Wood & Chrome Chair

It’s sleek, it’s shiny, but also a bit old-timey. A dichotomy of personalities represented in one beautiful chair.

Central LA, $450
Grab it from Van’s corner.

Wooden Folding Ruler & Brick Masons Rule

Look, you can either get the iPhone app that measures with “lasers” or you can unfold a wooden ruler and keep it real.

Downtown Jersey City, $8
Grab it from Lbridge’s corner.

Mid Century Modern Teak Danish Side Chair

There is something about the lines of this chair that makes me want to have a smoke.

Weehawken, New Jersey, $225
Take a Look at Circa60’s corner

Brand-New Radio Flyer Tricycle and Schwinn Helmet

Let your little one experience the wind in her hair. Beneath the helmet, of course.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, $65
Grab it from Nishka’s corner.


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