Inventory of One #18 – Swiss Villas, Bean Bags, Bowling Balls and More


Bringing it to you live daily.

Design Within Reach Eazy Bean Everest Chair

Just imagine sinking into this bag of beans.

Jackson Heights, Queens , $400
Grab it from Natasha’s corner.

Custom Designed Swiss Villa in Saint-Cergue

Do I need to say anymore than “custom” and “Swiss” and “villa”? I think not.

Saint-Cergue, Switzerland, N/A
Grab it from MeriberryRE’s corner.

Palindrome Pencils

Armed with palindromes and pencils, you’ll be the hit of the party!

Fort Greene, Brooklyn, Let’s trade!
Grab it from Kiwa’s corner.

Vintage Duckpin Bowling Balls

“Obviously you’re not a golfer.”

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, $55
Grab it from TRNK NEW YORK ‘s corner

1 Place Pour Le Concert Des Local Natives (01/12)


Folie-Méricourt, France, 22.30 €
Grab it from Iphnir’s corner.


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