Inventory of One #17 – Fig Trees, Candle Sticks, Vintage Stereos and More


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Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree

Fig leaves. They’re good for more than undies!

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, $250
Grab it from Ted’s corner.

Vintage Metal Rimmed Chalkboard

From the days when the worst punishment was to bang the erasers. Dusty!

Boaz, Alabama, $26
Grab it from Jett’s and Twang Vintage’s corner.

Antique French Bronze Doré Girandole Marble Base

Class up the joint, why don’t ya?

Los Angeles, California, $275
Grab it from La Vintage Furnishing’s corner.

1960’s Philadelphia Game Commission Bird

Put a bird on it.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, $100
Grab it from Nora’s corner

Vintage Stereo Console

Imagine the Hall and Oats coming out of this thing!

Lake Forest, Park Washington, $500
Grab it from Tricia’s corner.


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