Inventory of One #16 – Magnetic Letters, Cookbooks, Skateboards and More


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Quartet Standing Magnetic Letter Board

You know, for when your chalkboards are all filled up.

Eastern Michigan, $150
Grab it from Joanne’s corner.

Lot of Cookbooks- Martha, Beard, QVC, Readers…

A whole lot of Midwestern-tilted recipes for your table. Expect meat, potatoes and a whole lot of Jello. Yum!

Eastern Michigan, $45
Grab it from Joanne’s corner.

39″ O’Keefe and Merritt Stove

With separate ovens, you can bring a feast to a whole new level.

South Berkeley, California, $450
Grab it from Frances’s corner.

Artisan Kitchen Aid Series Stand Mixer

If we’re getting all professional with it, you’ll definitely need one of these to go with your new cookbooks and stove.

Morningside Heights, Manhattan, $175
Grab it from Brannan’s corner

Dalek James Marshall Space Monkey Skateboard Decks

Dude. Brah.

Lower Manhattan, $395
Grab it from Modernwares’s corner.


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