Introducing Member Ratings on — Let Your Voice Be Heard!


Are you happy, sad or neutral? Let the world know!

Since the launch of, we’ve heard so many great stories of conviviality – from a buyer showing up with homemade cookies to a seller traveling across town in the rain just to deliver an item they were giving away for free! One very cool member even proclaimed Krrb to be “like a dating website, but for new friendships!” We like that.

As we aim to build the best place to buy and sell locally, our mission has always been to turn local strangers into friendly neighbors. At the same time, we’ve been careful to keep Krrb a safe, private and trusted environment. We don’t think a classifieds website should be anonymous, but we also don’t feel you should have to put on a song and dance to sell your couch. It’s a balance.

One very cool member even proclaimed Krrb to be “like a dating website, but for new friendships!” We like that.

Last week we launched a simple new feature that allows you to rate the people you interact with in your Krrb inbox. It’s private so that you can be honest. You can say that you are happy, sad or simply neutral. You can change your feelings as often as you want just in case the convo starts out good and ends bad … or starts out sour and comes together in the end.

Note that “sad” doesn’t mean inappropriate. If you feel a message is a possible fraud, spam, not as advertised or simply inappropriate, you should report it immediately and we’ll take it from there.

Say It Loud and Say it Proud

Once you receive at least five ratings by five individual members, your personal rating will show up on your corner and your listings.

If you get a lot of happy ratings, you’ll get a “very happy” mark … and so on. Check out my corner for example!

As a seller (or a buyer for that matter), we recommend that you respond to everyone who contacts you, even if you’ve already sold it (or no longer want it). Folks appreciate the gesture!

If you get a lot of sad ratings, we’ll be alerted and contact with you to figure out how you can turn it around.

We’re very excited about this next step in our evolution and hope you are too. We’ll continue to tweak the algorithm to make it better and better. In the meantime, if you have feedback, get in touch with us anytime. We always love to hear from you!

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  • Hey Kristy! The ratings are for sellers *and* buyers! It’s a chance to rate the other person you’re interacting with regardless of whether you are buying or selling. 

    And please, go ahead and start! You can retroactively rate the experiences you’ve had so far. 

  • Kristy

    Great idea. Is this also available for people who are buyers? Would love to rate some of them!