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Keep the time or just make a statement with a bold wall clock. Photo:

Keep the time or just make a statement with a bold wall clock. Photo:

Welcome to the daily series “In Search Of,” where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about “wall clocks” and we’ve got loads of them.

Some families have an heirloom grandfather clock on the dining room wall. Others might have a singing bird clock in the kitchen or retro kit-cat clock in the kid’s room. In these days when everyone checks the time on their cell phone, we still love a good wall clock.

Retro Flower Clock in Washington, D.C.



This bright timepiece would look perfect hanging over a formica table in a cherry red kitchen.

Find it on Aaron Hesson‘s Corner. $25.

Brass Leaf Sunburst Clock in Chicago, Illinois



We love the combination of gold color and leaf motif on this huge, retro wall clock.

Find it on Lucy‘s Corner. $425.

Pendulum Clock in Yonkers, New York



You don’t see too many classic pendulum clocks like this anymore. We love the wood and metal combination.

Find it on MM914?auto=format‘s Corner. $60.

Howard Miller Hexagon Clock by George Nelson in New York, New York



This Hexagon Clock by George Nelson is a rare vintage collectable that looks at home in an office.

Find it on David‘s Corner. $275.

Handmade Teacup Wall Clock in Brooklyn, New York



We can never pass over a good teacup at a flea market. Here’s a sweet idea for all those dainty cups and saucers.

Find it on Caroline Toni’s Corner. $200.

Convex Spy Mirror Clock in New York, New York



We would have killed for this clock back in our Harriet-The-Spy days. The convex shape of this huge mirror clock lets you see around corners. And it’s shiny!

Find it on Regiaart‘s Corner. $950.

Welby Starburst Clock in Queens, New York



Great brass and walnut accents make up this retro starburst clock.

Find it on Found‘s Corner. $250.

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  • Anonymous

    So fun! My dad has a mustard yellow wall clock from the early 1960s he found at a yard sale. It hangs in our kitchen and plugs in with a cord. Nicest thing about it is the second hand moves continuously, which manages the annoying ticking that I also hate. Every time I see that particular shade of mustard yellow plastic it reminds me of my kitchen at home.

  • Louay Khraish

    I can always take the batteries out. As the saying goes, “A stopped clock is correct twice a day.” ;-)

  • CJ Lotz

    It’s pretty cool! Maybe they come in quiet models!

  • Louay Khraish

    The ticking of a clock usually drives me crazy, but I wouldn’t mind having the Convex Spy Mirror Clock on my wall.