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Too-cool retro kid. Photo:

Too-cool-for-school retro kid. Photo:

Welcome to the daily series In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about the funkiest, cutest vintage kids’ items.

Who says the youngest among us can’t have a little retro style? Here are our favorite kiddie pieces with major class.

Baby Buggy in Brooklyn, New York



A retro 1950s kids buggy is upholstered in blue and white vinyl and can either be a prop, toy or photo set piece.

Find it on Wednesday’s Pickup’s Corner. $80.

Art Print in Brooklyn, New York



For the rustic and outdoor-loving young ones, a sweet print. This artist also has other retro-inspired farm animal prints.

Find it on Tamara’s Corner. $15.

Bedroom Set in Queens, New York



A crib, dresser, mirror and bookshelf are all included in this great kid’s bedroom set.

Find it on Kate’s Corner. $1,500.

Spindle Bed in Westford, Massachusetts



The seller describes this amazing find: “Solid wood frame with gorgeously crafted turned posts, modernized with two fresh coats of pink semi-gloss paint over two coats of oil-based primer.”

Find it on Phil and Lauren’s Corner. $500.

Vintage French Baby Tub in La Grange, Illinois



“Vintage enamel French baby tub.
Not just for use with French babies.
Charming for entertaining, just fill with ice, or use as a planter,” the seller says.

But can we still use it with French babies?

Find it on Nest’s Corner. $299.

Punk Baby Quilt in Milford, Connecticut



Punk-inspired baby quilt is a “Fleece backed crib-size blanket for the badass baby,” says the seller. And we agree.

Find it on DerbyMonster’s Corner. $99.


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