In Search Of — Smoked Glass Cocktail Glasses Under $150


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Welcome to the scavenger series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now!

Today we’re in search smoked glass cocktail stemware. It’s as classy and brassy as your company. And since we know you’re all on a budget (except you, Mike!) we’ve found some lovely items under $150.

5 Dorothy Thorpe Silver Fade High Balls in New York, NY

Set of five vintage silver fade Dorothy Thorpe drinking glasses. These beautiful glasses are in very nice vintage condition with no chips or cracks. These are like jewelry for your bar/table and will make you smile! Pick it up from Val’s Vintage Vault‘s Krrb Corner. $35.

Set of 4 Smoked Mirror Glass Tumblers in Chicago, IL



These sophisticated, chic and modern set of cocktail rocks tumblers in a perfect condition smoked mirror, ombre motif. Pick them up from StrangeLovely‘s Krrb Corner. A set of 4 is $48, there are 8 available. $88 for both sets.

Vintage Cordial Silver Ombre Glasses in Winnipeg, CAN

These lovely glasses are traditionally meant for cordials but you could use them for everything from water to ice cream. Silver adds a touch of class to everything. Pick them up from Need or Want‘s Krrb Corner. $26.

Dorothy Thorpe Vintage Tumblers in Philadelphia, PA

Set of 8 Dorothy Thorpe-style Silver fade ombre tumblers; approximately 3.5 inches diameter at the top and 3.5 inches in height. Mad Men-esque in style when cocktail hour meant something! Pick them up from Lepidoptry‘s Krrb Corner. $40.

Libbey Tawny “Rock Sharpe” Glasses in Villa Park, IL

A complete set available, 24 pieces for four place settings, of Libbey’s iconic 1970s tulip-based glasses in a smokey brown originally labeled “Rock Sharpe Tawny Accent”. With a full set, you don’t need an excuse to throw a dinner party. Pick it up from Kim‘s Krrb Corner. $99.

Mid Century Queens Lustre Silver Ombre Mercury in Denver, CO

Ombre adds a fascinating sheen to these classy glasses. Raise them up in a toast to your great taste. Pick them up from Embee‘s Krrb Corner. $48.

6 Smoke Mirrored Glass Ombre Martini Glasses in Chicago



Another great find in Chicago to enjoy cocktail hour with style! A set of 6 Mid-Century Modern smoked, mirrored ombre glass martini glasses. Serve it up! Pick it up from Strangelovely?auto=format?auto=format‘s Krrb Corner. $150.


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