In Search Of — Robots Under $500


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Welcome to the “In Search Of” series where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now!

Today, it’s all about Robots! Domo Arigoto, Mr. Roboto! And since we know you’re all on a budget (except for you, Becky!) we’ve kept it to $500 and under.

Upcycled Air Regulator Recycled Junk Art in Cape Coral, FL

Retro-futuristic steampunk Edison light robot table lamp made from reclaimed air regulator filter with weathered wood as a base.This robot-light will be perfect for your desk, end table, home office, or wherever you’d like to place it. All the wiring and some electrical components are new and some were meticulously restored and cleaned. Pick it up from Retro Steam Work‘s Krrb Corner. $95.

Children’s Solar System Canvas Print Wall Mural in Baltimore, MD

This particular Solar painting is no longer available in stores. It is a gorgeous and inspiring piece that will be beautiful in any child’s room or schoolroom for that matter. Don’t pass up this opportunity to add this treasure to your child’s room. Pick it up from Thena Sky‘s Krrb Corner. $250.

Mars Curiosity Rover Science Poster Art Print in Brooklyn, NY

In the Gale Crater of the planet Mars, a robotic rover travelled 350,000,000 miles on a quest to answer whether the planet could have ever sustained life. It’s other mission is to help prepare us for future exploration of other planets. This is the Curiosity Rover. This poster is part of the Stellar Science Series. This is a giclee print of an original illustration. It measures 11″×14″ and the image has been sized to fit beautifully into a mat or frame. Pick it up from Ink and Sword‘s Krrb Corner. $18.

Wine Crate Side Table – AKA, “The Little Robot” in New York, NY

Created from a recycled crate of Spanish Rioja from Luis Canas, this quirky little robot side table is finished in an antique walnut stain with hammered steel hinges and black steel pipe legs. The lid flips up to reveal a great storage space, making for a perfect end table, side table or bedside stand. Pick it up from Le Petit Monster‘s Krrb Corner. $155.

Awesome Urban Design Hand Painted Tubular Shelf in Vancouver, CAN

Super cool hand painted tubular shelving unit covered in completely unique drawings of monsters, dragons, dinosaurs and robots. Suitable as a small standalone unit or a great way to add a second layer of desktop space, while seriously boosting office cool factor and providing an entertaining piece of eye candy and conversation piece. Pick it up from Asian Street‘s Krrb Corner. CA $99.

Kent Greenbaum Original Rayman-R803 Robot in Boston, MA

Featuring a small glass dome for a head, a metal Sun Ray plate for a chest and rubber legs, this unique robot made from discarded materials is an astonishing feat of creativity as well as resourcefulness. Each robot is numbered, named, marked and hand signed by designer Kent Greenbaum.Greenbaum’s productions have been featured in several reputable antique galleries and even appeared in the movie Transformers. Pick it up from Erie Drive‘s Krrb Corner. $430.

Robot Necklace Steampunk in Ormond Beach, FL

This Steampunk Robot Necklace is composed of a brass robot that sits inside a silver rectangle frame and forms a collage over a vintage text. Take your robot friend with you where ever you go! Pick it up from Aunt Matilda‘s Krrb Corner. $29.

Jim Bauer Metal Robot Sculpture in New York, NY

Rare sculpture robot made from aluminum kitchen objects with internal lights. It has a switch in back to turn on lights. Jim Bauer is a self taught artist who has collected vintage aluminum items which he uses to assemble robotic figural and animal sculpture, every figure is unique. Pick it up from Modernarium‘s Krrb Corner. $229.


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