In Search Of — Highboy Dressers


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As dressers climb high, they're renamed "highboys" or "tallboys." Photo:

As dressers climb high, they’re renamed “highboys” or “tallboys.” Photo:

Welcome to the daily series “In Search Of,” where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about “highboy dressers” and we’ve got loads of them.

“Highboy” dressers also known as “tallboys” are wardrobe skyscrapers. They include a chest of drawers at the base and smaller drawers or a cabinet on top. Some styles are topped with a mirror. We love them for their storage space and solid construction. Plus, they’re popping up all over Krrb lately.

“The Tableau” Highboy in Chicago, Illinois



A classic Kent Coffey dresser, this piece’s boxiness is rounded out with curvy legs.

Find it on Shark Gravy‘s Corner. $350.

60s Van Courtland Blue Highboy in Boone, North Carolina



The refinishing on this dresser is just right. The white hardware pops against the pewter blue repainting.

Find it on Curiosity‘s Corner. $470.

1960s Mahogany Dresser in Queens, New York



The rich color of this mahogany tallboy is perfectly paired with the original black hardware.

Find it on Vintage Modern‘s Corner. $750.

Kent Coffey Greenbrier Highboy in Chicago, Illinois



We’ll admit we’re having a hard time not driving to Chicago to pick up this piece right now. With classic lines and beautiful wood, this piece would stay in the family forever.

Find it on Boomer‘s Corner. $425.

Bassett 6-drawer Highboy in Boone, North Carolina



A great boxy piece, the corner detailing adds character and charm.

Find it on Curiosity‘s Corner. $370.

Mid-century Dresser in Chicago, Illinois



This Mid-Century piece would fit a retro decor and has enough room to stash a full season’s wardrobe. We love how the wide base narrows at the top.

Find it on Neato Vintage‘s Corner. $895.

Vintage Oak Highboy with Mirror in Rutherford, New Jersey



This piece is sturdy and reminds us of farmhouse furniture that lasts through generations. The mirror on top is an added bonus.

Find it on Lilac Blanc Home‘s Corner. $525.

  • CJ Lotz

    I dug around a bunch for descriptions as well, and this article was pretty helpful:

  • Louay Khraish

    I’d like the mid-century retro highboy (Neato Vintage’s Corner) in my studio. I’ve always wondered why these kind of dressers are called highboys. According to Britannica, the name is derived from a corruption of the French word for “wood”), “Bois” pronounced “Bwa.”