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Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for cribs!

Need a crib for your crib? You’ll go goo-goo ga-ga for these finds.

Stokke Sleepi Convertible Crib in Brooklyn, NY

Sleepi’s Iconic Scandinavian design creates a small footprint in your nursery. Sleepi is constructed of 100% solid cultivated beech wood, a material known for its strength and stability. Sleepi’s unique oval design increases airflow through the crib, creating a safe cocoon for baby. Visit Gaby’s Krrb Corner. $700

Dwell Crib in Charter Township, NJ

This crib was sold by Target in 2009 and designed by Dwell Studio. Target had a hard time keeping these in stock and eventually the crib was discontinued and no one knows why. I suspect they realized the crib was way too nice for the price they were charging! Visit Poconomodern’s Krrb Corner. $300

Vintage Wicker Bassinet in Leesburg, VA

An adorable vintage (perhaps antique) baby crib in white wicker. Excellent condition and sturdy. Visit Lucy’s Krrb Corner. $125

Oeuf Sparrow Crib and Matching Toddler Bed Converter Kit in Brooklyn, NY

For the family that’s growing or just growing taller. Visit GeorgiaOkeeffe’s Krrb Corner. $325

Crib Changer Combo in Parsippany, NJ

Two stations in one at a great price! Visit Sri’s Krrb Corner. $300.


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