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Let's just say it, we love cork.

Let’s just say it, we love cork.

Welcome to the daily series “In Search Of”, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today, it’s all about “Cork” and we’ve got loads of it.

Everywhere we look lately, we find cork. The impermeable, natural material is making its eco-friendly mark on everything from furniture to shoes. And why not? This fun, durable texture is growing in popularity as the green movement becomes a cultural fixture. Check out today’s round up of listings with cork.

Cork Ottoman in Emeryville, California



As good as new, this West Elm ottoman is wrapped in cork. Use it as a coffee table (you won’t need coasters!) or as extra seating in your living room.

Find it on Kristin’s Corner. $170.

Repurposed Wine Cork Napkin Rings in Kansas City, Missouri



Every self-respecting wino needs these repurposed wine cork napkin rings for their next dinner party!

Find it on Erin Williams’ Corner. $4.

Vintage Mid-Century Cork Lamps in Frederick, Maryland



It’s not your typical lamp, but this Mid-Century cork lamp packs a lot of design punch.

Find it on Silk&Burlap’s Corner. $198.

Cork Whistler White Tea Pot Set in Lower Manhattan, New York



This teapot utilizes cork’s insulation powers to keep your liquids warm for long periods of time. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also as cute as a button.

Find it on CorkWayStore’s Corner. 30 €.

Stools w/ Thatched Back and Custom Cork Seat in Upper East Side, Manhattan



Cork can be comfy! This stool is perfect for hanging out at the breakfast bar in the kitchen during those mornings in.

Find it on Caitlinc’s Corner. $200 each. $500 for all three.

Bryce Platform Stiletto by Dolce Vita in Williamsburg, Brooklyn



How chic! These cork heels have neon pink accents in the heel and platform that scream spring and summer!

Find it on Life Curated’s Corner. $95.

  • I’ve never seen cork used for so many things. Digging the tea pot!!

  • Rachel Morrell

    My love obsession with cork is constantly growing! I literally have two vases full of wine corks in my kitchen. They give such a nice touch, and hold memories of occasions we’ve had with certain vintage wines from all over the country. Glad to see others as fascinated with cork as I’am! :-P

  • Marlena N.

    I had a pair of cork shoes and I really wish I had at least taken a photo of them–that’s something I used to do. I heart cork. Anani, women would love the heels. Remember: comfort in heels is a secondary, even teriary, concern!

  • I’m a big fan of the ottoman and chair. I wonder how women will feeI about the hgh heels though. They look nice yet are they comfy? I’ve seen cork art before and I have to say it is very creative. I’d love to see more of this in the future :)

  • reesaspieces73

    I love the Cork Ottoman! And all of these are Eco friendly too. Such great ideas. Can’t wait for krrb to post more cork items!!!

  • Cork is so vintage yet so modern. I love the twist it puts on standard everyday items to make them so much more unique. It’s also environmentally friendly, so that makes it so much more resourceful! I absolutely love the wine cork heart, pinterest project anyone?? Ha.