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Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for all things baking!

The temperatures outside are not the only thing rising! Get ready for your spring holiday with these great baking supplies.

Vintage Porcelain Royal Worcester Pie Bird in Rochester, NY

Pie birds, also called pie funnels, pie ventilators, pie cups, or pie chimneys, are small ceramic or glass kitchen tools used to vent steam when baking pies. This Royal Worcester pie bird was designed in 1950 by Paul Gertner and comes in the original box. Visit Second Seed’s Krrb Corner. $85.

12-Inch French Rolling Pin in Chicago, IL

This French, or tapered, rolling pin is shorter than many, only 12″ long rather than 14″, but it allows you to use it on more crowded counter tops and work surfaces. Since French pins don’t have handles, it is still large enough for nearly every task. Visit Object Society’s Krrb Corner. $20.

Vintage Aluminum Cookie/Pastry Press in New York, NY

Vintage Mirro aluminum cookie/pastry press with 12 disks and instructions and recipe booklet. Visit Kathleen’s Krrb Corner. $25.

Large Antique Redwing Spongeware Mixing Bowl in Chicago, IL

Excellent condition Redwing Spongeware bowl in a great size! Great orange and blue sponge pattern. Very solid and heavy. From the early 1920s. Visit Cushion Chicago’s Krrb Corner. $125.

Pampered Chef Baking Products in Oakton, VA

These are excellent products. I just had one too many Pampered Chef shows in my past! Visit Stewart Stuff’s Krrb Corner. $25.


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