In Search Of — All Sorts of Bookends


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Welcome to the daily series, In Search Of, where we look high and low on Krrb for one-of-a-kind items that we must have now! Today we’re looking for bookends to keep our books standing up straight.

Bookends are fashionable, functional and make great gifts. They’re a great way to showcase that you take your literature seriously, but not seriously enough to pass up on a sombrero in your living room!

Sombrero Bookends in Providence, Rhode Island


These guys are fun! Ceramic bookends with a sturdy base and great profile. From Michelle‘s Krrb corner, $18.

Nora Fenton Brass Bookends in Brooklyn, New York


These brass modernist bookends by Nora Fenton are loaded with industrial chic. Krrb’d by Mike‘s Krrb corner, $299.

Lincoln Bookends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Honest Abe will keep all your non-fiction books standing at attention. Posted by Georgica Lane. $80

Horse Bookends New York, NY


Nice heavy set of glass bookends that hold nicely and reflect the color of your favorite book jacket.Contact Katy Sheridan‘s Krrb corner. $33.

Petrified Bookends in New York, New York


Win the award for stylish decor (which you usually win every year). Fabulous color on these age old petrified wood bookends. Black felt lined, circa 70’s. Krrb’d by The Vintage Frontier‘s Krrb corner. $150.


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