If It’s Broken, Don’t Toss It — Fashion Edition


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If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/@krisatomic

When your clothes wear out, get holes or stains—don’t get rid of them just yet. There are plenty of new uses for your old threads. See what to do with ratty t-shirts, shabby sweaters and more.


If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/ugmonk

In the majority of wardrobes, you’ll find stacks and stacks of t-shirts. New or threadbare, there is plenty you can do with your tees. Tote bags are a common way to repurpose your collection with plenty of tutorials on the internet, however DIY produce bags caught my eye. A clever use for wardrobe castoffs, these bags take only a few minutes to make and cut back on the use of plastic produce bags at the grocery store.

Use t-shirts in contrasting colors to create a fashionable braided scarf. This light layer creation is perfect for chilly nights.

Braided belts are back in style but you don’t need to buy new. Make your own belt using that pile of unfashionable tees with the help of Delia’s tutorial.

Seeing is believing! Naztazia turns t-shirts into t-shirt yarn and t-shirt yarn into baskets. It’s as cool as it sounds, so follow this video how-to to make your own.


If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Huffingtonpost.com

Crochet a rug out of stretched out athletic socks. Melissa Jagears of Making Do with the Not So New starts by dyeing the socks for a customized look.

For an easy repurposing project, turn your favorite fun printed socks into fingerless gloves with a tutorial by Saved by Love Creations.

Save money with a little ingenuity. Slice off the foot from a sock missing it’s pair and it becomes an iPhone armband. Couldn’t be any easier of a DIY.

At home we go through multiple Swiffer cleaning pads on a weekly basis. I love the idea of using tired fuzzy socks as reusable Swiffer pads. Better for the environment and my wallet.


If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/hannahmorgan7

Pour a little hot chocolate out for the knit sweaters I lose every year to moths. If your sweater’s sleeves became dinner, cut the arms off and turn it into a cute pencil skirt. It’s Always Autumn has a great tutorial.

You don’t need sewing skills (whew!) to turn a shabby pullover into a cozy beanie. Your winter wardrobe lives on!

Along the same lines, chunky knits can be reused to amp the warmth at home. Cami at Tidbits shares the step by step details.

When my favorite purple wool sweater accidentally snuck its way into the wash, I was devastated. But then I came across these easy instructions on how to make cute slippers out of the felted wool. Use some hot glue to add slip resistance texture to the soles.


If It's Broken, Don't Toss It — Fashion Edition

Photo: Unsplash.com/haleyephelps

For denim lovers, this homemade pouf strikes the right balance of tough, sturdy jeans and that velvety broken-in texture. With the help of Michele Made Me, you can lounge comfortably all day.

Instead of chewing on your shoes, your pup will enjoy playing with this no-sew denim dog toy. Use the scraps after making yourself a few cut-off jean shorts.

Cindy’s Upcycle Design Lab strikes gold with a wide brim hat made from jeans. With a oil cloth finish, this homemade accessory looks high-end. A must have for days when it’s too hot to wear jeans on your bottom.

One of the beauties of jeans is the range of hues from indigo to the palest blue. You can really show off your stock of Levis long after they are no longer wearable by making a sunburst textile artwork.

Hopefully these ideas will get the juices flowing on what to do with your wardrobe’s odds and ends. Share your favorites in the comments below.


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