I Want This – Women’s Mountain Bike In Brooklyn

mountain bike

A beater perfect for running errands around town.

Ok so it’s self improvement time. And pretty much everybody on Earth makes some kind of exercise-related commitment to the resolution gods. Well, I’m going one better. Mine is a get-in-shape-whilst-lowering-my-carbon-footprint kind of promise. Yep. Get out of the taxis and the subways and ride a bike more. Simple, yet somehow elusive.

Until now.

This is the perfect Brooklyn bicycle. Not too fancy or shiny, comfortable seat, big basket, it even has a kickstand (albeit broken.) Everything a city girl needs and nothing more. Strap a kids seat on the back of that baby (if you’re like me and have a toddler to transport) and you’re in business.

Join me in a new, healthier, greener 2012 by checking this bike out on hollyb2’s Krrb corner.


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