I Want This — Walnut Coat Rack


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After many years of being an enthusiastic shopper, I have accumulated quite the wardrobe. While I tend to wear the same outfits on repeat, I have an abundance of other pieces of clothing that only come out rarely.

With my closet and dresser stuffed to capacity, I often times have neat piles of sweaters or dresses added to my bookshelf. Although I don’t mind how this looks, it’s taking up too much room and not leaving space for my actual books and collections!

This clothing rack would be a perfect spot to keep some of my most swoon-worthy pieces on display. I can proudly hang my favorite coats and dresses and line up my heels and handbags for all to see. This will free up space in other areas of my room so I can store my everyday clothes in the places they belong once again!

This is also a great piece for those of us that get too flustered in the morning to pick out cohesive outfits. You can simply hang up all of your pre-planned outfits for the week on Sunday night and not have to find that certain blouse in your closet at 6:30 in the morning!


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