I Want This – Vintage Tropical Pop Art Dish (Richmond, Virginia)


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This bowl will liven up any meal...

I’m on a salad and soup kick right now. After all the holiday indulgence, I want to consume only vegetables, fruits, and whole grains—in this bowl ($30.00).

The Pucci-esque design by Brigitte Doege for Rosenthal would insure only the most colorful vegetables make it into my diet—a good thing during a bleak winter.

If you’re looking for inspiration to help reach your health aspirations, check out MenuGirl’s corner for this item and other beautiful accessories…

  • Jen Hastings

    Yeah, I love this thing too. One of us going to have to pull the trigger and get it. I wonder if shipping will be difficult? Hmmmmm…

  • that is gorgeous

  • That is gorgeous! Absolutely love the mixture of cool, soothing colors with a tiny vibrant splash of warm ones.