I Want This – Vintage Red Wooden Bowl In Denver


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woodpecker woodware bowl

Just imagine your guests eating delicious candied nuts from this cheerful little bowl.

What with all of this collaborative action going around, we’re probably gonna have a lot more shared meals aka dinner parties these days. Which is why I’m looking to upgrade some serving pieces (not that tin foil isn’t all that, but…)

Enter Embee’s Krrb corner (via Etsy and the Krrb-it button, thank you very much) and this lovely little vintage bowl, perfect for serving up little snacks for folks to munch on while they’re organizing the pot luck in the kitchen. Because taking the goodies out of the plastic containers is a great way to show your guests that you care. At least about how your table looks. And if you really go for it and buy aforementioned snacks in bulk (using canvas sacks, natch) and deposit them directly into your snappy red bowl, you will reduce your carbon footprint whilst elevating your style.

Which, at the end of the day, is something we can all get behind.

  • Polly Kaminsky

    I have one of these and am willing to part with it.  My name is Polly Kaminsky and I can be reached at 330 932-0664.

  • i love that this look like a colander.