I Want This – Vintage radio in Brooklyn


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vintage radio

This great vintage radio is hot off the set of a major film production!

Remember back in the day, when people used to sit on the stoop and listen to their news and entertainment on the radio?

Or maybe we don’t actually remember first hand, but we can always dream about what a dreamier, slower, more intimate time that was. And then we can pretend to be right back there with this super cool, red rimmed AM transistor radio. Which I am tempted to hop on the train to President Street and pick up myself. Because it just so happens that I have a slamming pair of red patent leather kicks that’d go great with this mini boom box.

And nothing makes me happier than dreaming of a world before reality TV…

Go to krrb.com/filmbizrecycling and check it out for yourself.

  • Even though this idea is rare today, this is still something that needs to be written about. This was a pretty good article.

  • Well… radio’s not ENTIRELY dead here, just relatively small. NPR is still going strong…

  • +1 to George!
    And this radio is really cool, I love the condensed type.

  • In the United States, “video killed the radio star” but here in France, radio is alive and kicking. Radio France stars are plastered all over town on billboards and it seems everyone knows them by name and character. My wife tunes in each morning and each evening to get her daily dose of news, entertainment and gossip. But unfortunately, reality TV is also kicking it in France :P